Villainous Victories

Comics have their own rules within fighting and how obtaining a victory is quite easy for a villain to be rightfully mentioned onto this list for defeating that annoying hero. 
Rules for victory: 
- Opponent MUST know who he's fighting against, such as Vulture knocking Spiderman out when they first met in Amazing Spiderman #2 is a violation of this rule seeing how Spiderman didn't know who he's fighting against. 
- Extra help is simply a disqualification, this list only specializes one on one fights. 
- Odds are never an option, such as seeing Spiderman vs Thanos would count as an official fight. 
- Cheapshots, extra weaponry, or robotic exo-skeletons would also count as an official fight. 
- Villain vs villain battles also count as an official fight as well  
- Despite how many fights there are in one issue and ends with the hero finally winning the fight doesn't take away the victory from the recent fights. Amazing Spiderman #22 is an example of this 
So with that said, here's the list of issue that holds these fights that are both seen as expected and quite shocking.

List items

  • Dr Octopus defeats Spiderman/

    The Official first defeat that Spiderman had to face. After taking the worst and most quickest defeat in his career, Spiderman was on the verge of simply quitting. Who wouldn't after being b**ch-slapped silly by an overgrown nerd with four extra arms.

  • In addition to his prior victory dance with Spiderman, Electro managed to pull the same stunt with Daredvil. Even though Electro gained first victory, Electro found himself at a lost in the second round as well.

  • This issue alone holds two well deserved villainous victories. First was seeing Magneto ultimately defeating the Red Skull and the next fight showed us the most disgusting way to achieve victory when Cobra bested Mister Hyde in combat.

  • Would you believe that a villain who uses super glue as a weapon gained a quick victory over Spiderman. All seen within this issue as poor Spiderman crawled back to Mary Jane crying about his horrible defeat.

    Trapster gains a victory over Spiderman

  • Even though Bane worn the Batman down to his last breath by causing him to fight an army or escaped Arkham Inmates, but the rules still stand seeing how both Batman and Bane fought each other and ended with a victor. And if you dont know about, Bane ultimately won over Batman after giving a deadly backbreaker that almost ended his career./Bane defeated Batman

  • Kingpin defeats Spiderman/ In this issue alone, Kingpin is given 24 hours to be the Kingpin of Crime from his wife and decides to spend the remainder of half the time fighting against Spiderman. After a long and lengthy battle, Fisk proves his victory and was a split second away from ending Spiderman's career for good if it wasn't for his expired timeline.