MTHarman's recommended reading

This is my personal collection of comics that highly favor and that I proudly enjoy having within my collection.

List items

  • I've must have read this a dozen times and I still enjoyed it. The first debut of both Victor Szazs and Jeremiah Arkham, Batman: The Last Arkham actually takes us to two situations that Batman finds himself facing when trying to catch a serial killer who resembles that same killing method as Szazs. Not only does Batman infiltrate Arkham as an inmate to capture Szasz in the act, but finds that the founder of a new and inescapable Arkham has extreme ideas of his own to cure Batman, which of course is his new inmate.

  • One of DC's greatest classics, the story where Batman finally faced the greatest defeat throughout his entire history. Forced into a long night of capturing every inmate that escaped Arkham, Batman find himself fatigued after each fight and unaware that another watches and who waits to strike Batman when he's the most vulnerable.

  • I would say that this story is both overlooked and one of the greatest Captain America stories the I've ever read. Mostly Recommended for Red Skull fans, "The Captain" takes us into a story where the government wants to fully own Captain America. But the Avengers refusal resulted with Steve Rogers being forced into stepping down as Captain America and later having the title be given to the C-list costumed hero John Walker. But being the new Captain America is turning from a dream-come-true for Walker that's finding itself becoming much more of nightmare when finding a government controlled Captain America has it's own horrors, even with a mysterious Mister Smith secretly controlling the events that Walker has to face for his country as the new Captain America.

  • One of my personal Marvel favorites, a government controlled team of villains and murderers under the strict control of a psychotic madman. With the moral of this story featuring a team that obviously isn't a perfect match and is on the brink of killing off each other yet must work together, the "new" Thunderbolts are sent on various missions of capturing and detaining unregistered C-List costumed heroes. But things go from bad to much worst when the teams back-stabbing starts taking it's role as members of the Thunderbolts begin dropping like flies.

  • A very well-placed chapter within Spidermans history, more like a very dark chapter when Kraven the Hunter finally lost his mind and began hunting down Spiderman without limiting himself like he usually does. Personally I can't figure out Kravens character within this storyline nor what he was trying to do besides trying to regain honor or acting out of the fear of following the same footsteps as his own psychotic mother, but either way Kraven has fulfilled his role as being one of Marvel's most dangerous and desperate villains within the Marvel Universe that left a long legacy before making his return in the Grim Hunt.

  • With Wally West being the only Flash after the recent death of his uncle and mentor Barry Allen during the Crises event, Wally would find his new career of following Barry's footsteps coming to an awkward challenge when Barry would mysteriously return back from the dead. Yet what seemed to be a miracle for Wally and Central City after knowing that their beloved hero has returned was starting to take itself on a dark path when Wally began suspecting something different with Barry. Something much darker than the Barry once knew, even after witnessing how Barry was trying to prove that he's the real Flash, the only Flash. Something that may be a huge problem for Wally West and Central City when Barry starts believing that the city should be punished for not expressing enough worship for him.