Heroes, Villains, and Moments that nobody can't take seriously.

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  • A very dangerous DC villain,.......who looks so adorable. Something that obviously looks like a cartoon, Mister Mind here sadly gets the footbal treatment when being compared to the likes of Lex Luthor or even the Joker.

  • What's more interesting is how to pronounce his damn name right. Aside fom that, this villain of curiousity has sadly proven to a major threat for Superman (despite his godlike powers)and put shame onto the Superman rogues gallery.

  • As if Marvel truly needed their own Donald Duck. But a hero of curiousity, we all love Howard when he's quack-fuing and duck biting alongside with Spiderman. Sadly there isn't enough Disney business for Howard when the Marvel Universe is facing one of it's continuous crises. Imagine Howard in a "serious" storyline where he fights against somebody like the Red Skull, and see if you don't find yourself laughing when Howard Quack-fu's Red Skull.

  • Possibly the most famous, annoying, and greatest badass that nobody can't take seriously. Deadpool is always loved by many and personally I love this guy because of how he's immune to major screw-ups from certain writers and/or artists. The day Deadpool is taken seriously, would be the day that Marvel has killed off one of their most beloved characters


  • An EPIC legend of somebody who will never be taken seriously, Hypno-Hustler has always captured an audience with his ridiculous disco themed gimmick. One of those characters who we enjoy by not taking them seriously.