That B-Rated Badguy: Birth of Marvel Comics video review


Marvel history could go no deeper than this issue. Marvel Comics issue 1 would introduce dynamic and new storytelling to an audience that would find themselves excited over this one comic.

Introducing Stories with a Science Fiction theme to it, only one storyline and hero would be the focus of heroic in this comic, who was known as the Angel.

Human Torch (Jim Hammond) and Sub-Mariner would display themselves as characters who would be different and outcasted by society and have issues and difficulties with relating to people. Both of them would reach popularity alongside Captain America when his introduction was made.

Many modern fans may not have the chance to read this issue or had no interest because of the tolerance level for the artwork. But giving this comic a fair chance and having a respectful tolerance for ancient creativity that few writers are slacking here and there, you may find yourself enjoying this comic for what it is. 
But if the artwork is way too much, then its best to enjoy this comic in the storyline known as Marvels where it takes the audience through the history of the Marvel Universe.

Action, Suspense, Western, Heroic, Tragedy, Crime, adventure, and science fiction horror is all seen in this awesome comic book that was responsible for many of the comics that Marvel fans are reading today.


Here is a video I made about the history of Marvel Comics starting with their very first issue, I thankyou for reading and watching, and I do hope you enjoy the video.