A Video Guide for DC's Greatest Assassin, Deadshot

I’m still stumped on what to properly title my blogs with these videos that I keep making,

But this week I finally made a video of DC’s favorite assassin where I briefly go into his history as a solo villain, a member of the Suicide Squad, and a man who’s held a chapter with the Secret Six. Even though I’ve covered enough to give a brief guide on Deadshot, I didn’t nor will ever cover Deadshots time during the New 52.

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Deadshot was somewhat a small-time villain when I first saw him in comics during the 90’s, but like any sane comic reader he did capture my interest because of his character design. But, like any comic fan who’ve endured the 90’s, Deadshot was somebody who’s built fame was taken away by the likes of Spawn, Venom, Punisher, and even Carnage. It’s true that Deadshot was climbing the ranks before the 90’s when he first joined the Suicide Squad, and after seeing this guy in action before the Suicide Squad came to a close, I was pretty amazed how Deadshot developed a very interesting personality who’s held more than one EPIC badass moment (such as the scene above).

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I guess I never knew anything about Deadshot until reading the guide known as The DC Universe Role Playing Game: Batman in 1999 where I found myself interested in his character because of how he was a man driven into a goal of dying in the most glorious way, something that I found to be a unique for any villain. Even after making this video I also still found myself baffled how a fan favorite villain started off as one of Batman’s most ridiculous and sorriest villains to ever make an attempt against the Batman.

After making this video, I’ve noticed a flaw in where I stated Deadshot’s first encounter with Deathstroke in Deathstroke #41, when it was actually Showcase ’93 #8/2 where he was hired by Kobra to take Deathstroke and Peacemaker.

Anyways, thank you for reading my short opinion of Deadshot and watching my video (if watched).