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Waking Up...

Mathias wakes screaming, and instantly realized the nightmare he just had can't compare to the reality he faces. Nails have been driven through his hands and feet into wood that splinters his scarred back. He has been crucified, and if that wasn't enough his entire family has died around him while he was sleeping. His sister, Cynthia, is laying before him, except it is not the same sister he had seen before he woke. Her beautiful blue eyes have been carved out and shoved in her mouth. Her face has been cut in specific designs wings on her cheeks, and an M on her forehead. A knife has also been taken to her scalp, roughly stripping her of the lovely locks and blond and brown hair. His brother, Will, hangs from the roof of he massive cathedral. His previously athletic build has been completely carved away, leaving only his face somewhat recognizable. On his cheeks are carved wolves with his blood, and on his forehead a T. His mother, Iris, lies in an otherwise empty small cage. On her cheeks, are crosses, on her forehead an H. A figure rises from a pew and begins to move towards him. "A shame it had to be like this, you know Mathias I always loved your mother. If only she had loved me. If only she had stayed faithful. I didn't want to hurt her....but sin must be punished. It must." Mathias's heart is torn to shreds, this figure, the man who killed his family, who hung him on a cross halfway up a wall. This same man is the man who he had loved and admired all his life. His father gestures to Mathias and simply says "I'm glad at least one of the children I raised is truly mine." Seeing the confusion on Mathias's face he continues, "Mathias, haven't you should be dead. You've been on that cross for three weeks, Mathias. We are only able to have this conversation because, one this is a terrible neighborhood that does not report disturbances such as a woman's screams that can be heard three blocks away, and two you are truly a Hadley. This family has many secrets, the most important being what we can do. You see if the other two were true Hadley's they would be back by now. Now son I'll tell you one very important thing these incredible gifts come at a price, and at times that price is tough to handle. Our family's strength completely relies on the use of illicit drugs, methamphetamine seems to be especially effective." He pauses and looks down. He reaches in his coat and pulls out a dagger with an H inscribed on the hilt. He gestures at the bodies of your family, "As I said, sin must be punished. Even those who fly with the wings of angels must be punished. In my youth I called myself Archangel, I believed I was clever at the time. I am no Archangel, I now see I am a fallen angel. My parents may have named me Michael, but it is more accurate to say I am Lucifer." He looked Mathias in the eyes and sunk the dagger into his heart.