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Making progress...

So that does it for the minor characters of the regular series. Now I just have the heavy-hitters to to: Jesse, Tulip, Cassidy, Starr, the Saint of Killers and, of course, Arseface.



Good timing....

Looks like HBO is planning to do a Preacher series.

Not so sure about the Creative team, but if it sucks I can force it into the same memory hole I put the Matrix sequels and Episodes I, II, and III into.

Or I would have. If they had been made.

Which they weren't.


Okay then....

Got through the regular 66 issues of Preacher, so I guess I'll start with them. I'll deal with the special issues later - for some reason my scans of those don't include covers. Grrr. I hate putting a TPB on the scanner....

Here comes the character creation. Near as I could tell, I'll have to create 62 new character pages for this series - men and women, divinities and devils and dogs.... Should be exciting.

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Must... sleep....

This place is like crack, I swear to god....

Gone through 27 issues, noted every character - sorted by "exist on Comicvine" and "Need to be created," done summaries for each issue, set up running histories for all the main characters (because gods forbid the comic should be totally linear), and pulled out 112 pictures of 44 characters to be posted later.

Damn youuuuzzzzzz.....


Looks like it's *Preacher*

I'm seven issues in and there are seven new characters to be created, almost all the others so far are woefully under-chronicled, and there are very few images up here. It'll take an anal-retentive attention to detail to get this right.

Awesome. Good fun indeed.

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Pretty much finished doing "Planetary." Just a few approvals needed and a couple of images to upload and I'll be more or less done.

Now. What next? I'm thinking Transmetropolitan or Preacher before I tackle the team I really want to do - Legion of Super-Heroes.

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