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Thanks for the kind words!

@akbogert: I find most of my images from Google, so I usually am not certain of issues. However after a quick investigation I can tell you that I believe the issue in question is the Deadpool/Great Lakes Initiative - Summer Fun Spectacular

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The author has confirmed the Jubilee is still a vampire via twitter. However with the current status of the Phoenix force granting powers, I wouldn't be surprised if she got some powers besides the vampiric ones at some point.

I would also like to see X-23 at some point however she is off planet at the moment in Avenger's Arena and may not even survive that so it makes sense that she wouldn't be in the opening roster... besides which if they did then it would COMPLETELY spoil that comic.

I also have to say while some people were saying that this book should have been X-Women or XX-Men or something different... This is actually huge. They gave them the flagship X-Men name, the title series... to a team of all women and only half the team is white. Seriously, Marvel is winning the diversity battle and doing a great job.

So for people who are a bit behind

Storm and Psylocke - Same powers and will soon be leading the Uncanny X-Force. Storm is currently teaching at the school.

Jubilee - Vampire. No mutant abilities. Left with a pacifist vampire sect to learn to better control herself.

Rachel Grey - No changes known of at this time. Teaching at the school.

Rogue - Now an Avenger. Retains her mutant powers but no longer possesses the Captain Marvel abilities of flight and super-strength.

Shadowcat - Headmistress of the school. No power changes.

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Okay, yeah... Wow.
I had no idea who Greg Land was... and I don't use this word often but wow... the man is a hack.
I honestly hadn't minded the artwork terribly much in Iron Man but I had seen some of his work before just hadn't had a name attached. Greg Land is without a doubt a detriment to both artwork and comics as a medium and its shameful he is getting work that could be going to others... that said it was still a really harsh low blow to compare him to Liefield.
As for Iron Man as a whole. Yes, I enjoyed the first issue and still think it was a good start. The major issue I have heard about it from others was that it was too similar to previous Iron Man stories but as this is my first, I don't have that problem. However being up to date, I can say that this series has been lackluster. Which is surprising as the the premise of each issue intrigues me, and I am not certain I can blame things entirely on the art, it has mostly just been... present. Hell, Issue 2 was about Tony Stark dueling against Armor Pilots modelled after the Knights of the Round Table... that should be awesome! If someone like Stuart Immonen(Nextwave, All-New X-Men) were doing artistic duties I am sure that I would be much more invested. That being said I will be sticking with the series until the end of the next arc(Godkiller) which leads into the Guardians of the Galaxy series.

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Oh!... I generally don't read the solicit info(spoilers, you know?) but it does appear Toxin will be appearing in issue 30, that should be interesting...

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I agree that the "Monsters of Evil" arc that followed Rememnder's leaving was terrible. I feel that Minimum Carnage was good and the current Philidelphia arc is good enough to recommend.
However what I can wholeheartedly recommend for Venom readers is that they simply start reading Remender's run on Secret Avengers once they finish his run on Venom.

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@Baramos - Yeah... Batman and Hawkeye are pretty much the series that I would equate to being 'Valiant Quality'. One of the things I have liked the most about Valiant so far is that it hasn't felt necessary for them to force crossovers, it was made clear that these characters all inhabit the same world and beyond that it would flow organically. Besides that they have been able to introduce the bulk of title characters within other series(namely Archer & Armstrong). Still I am quite content that they continue to have a slower release of new series if it means they continue their quality. 
Still I am curious what anyone's thoughts are on who they would like to see get the next series slot.(My vote remains stolen by Ninjak)
@SmashBrawler - They are planning things so that the series can be read separately and I hope they pull it off. It's also odd that I hadn't thought of recommending X-O to you, as it is another action heavy, sci-fi type like Bloodshot(but in a completely different fashion). For some reason Shadowman seemed the more tonally similar.
Oh and I also just wanted to say thank you to everyone reading this. This is definitely my most read blog that I have ever written, and I know I tend to ramble on in my posts so I am really flattered knowing there are so many people who read this. It means a lot.

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To be fair to myself, I was riding very high on the hype wave into that book... and while I still think that the idea of the Uncanny Avengers is strong, the first issue is rather dull after a second read through... there are some good scenes, I still think Wolverine at Xavier's funeral is a fitting start to NOW! and a well done sequence, after getting through a second issue of this series and seeing what else Marvel has to offer in its new line-up, I feel Uncanny Avengers really didn't bring the  "A" material it needed to for such a flagship title. Still I generally give a new series its initial arc until I decide whether or not I will stop reading entirely.

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If you are a fan of Bloodshot and are planning on picking up another book, I would recommend either Harbinger or Shadowman. Harbinger will be starting a crossover arc with Bloodshot, the Harbinger War, this coming year and would make Harbinger a natural choice of book to read before the event starts. On the other hand, going by your tastes, Shadowman is the probably the most tonally similar to Bloodshot.
Hope the advice wasn't terribly unwanted. Have a good holiday!
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@scuzz2.0 said:

These books are all amazing. especially Harbinger.

I thought Ivar was the guy who was appearing to Archer pretending to be Jesus. he said he was the last guy to use the boon. wasn't that Ivar?

Yes that is Ivar. This particular blog post was written before that issue came out so I hadn't realized that was, in fact, Ivar the Timewalker. I had considered fixing Ivar's entry in the blog but decided to leave it as a twist for new readers. 
Originally all my blog posts are on my wordpress, Sparrows With Machineguns. However after joining Comicvine, I have started to repost them here. So yes, as of now the only character who has yet to appear from the "Returning Characters" list is the newest Geomancer.
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An entire post of one man playing with action figures... I approve.