Marvel NOW! – Review Post .1

HA! Take that Marvel! You aren’t the only one who can use the bullshit “.1″ numbering system!

Not all Marvel NOW! titles will be restarting with a #1, as some are new enough to not require the renumbering. These following titles are the continuing series that I feel are good enough to bring to your attention and should not be lost in the shuffle of new premiere comics.

Captain Marvel

“You all right?” 

“You kidding me? I’m the best.”

Ah, Carol Danvers, we love you. For years your fans have been saying you needed a series to show you the love you deserved and here it is, and it is breathtaking.

The series starts off with Captain America and Ms. Marvel fighting side by side and Captain America trying to convince her to take on the Captain Marvel name, as Mar-Vell is now gone and since she has always been the one to carry his legacy, she is the one who deserves to use the name. Carol has obviously been going through some changes with her new look and eventually decides to take on the name. She isn’t giving up her own identity as Ms. Marvel to take on a new name… she is stepping up to accept a legacy that has always been a part of her character in such a way that all the audience can say is, well, its about time!

This series is incredibly new reader friendly, if you have no idea who the hell Carol is, you will discover that quickly by her attitude and actions, her origins being revisited along the way. I am not going to say much for the story as I really don’t want anything to be spoiled, but it may just be the definitive Carol Danvers story.

As for the artwork. I really liked Carol’s new look from the get-go, even her weird new hairdo, but I will be the first to admit that I wasn’t sure what the fuss was about the interiors. When I first saw them they looked sloppy and slapdash. However I now realize how to describe it properly… the artwork is emotional. Captain Marvel more than any other series has artwork that makes me feel something, whether its beauty, joy, fury, or sorrow. Like its protagonist, this series is a wonder to behold.

Bottom Line:

If you want to read something that will make you feel something all while watching Marvel Comic’s premiere superheroine smash robots till they explode, this is the book for you. If you aren’t one of those people, I still recommend giving this one a shot.


“Turns out in the era of internet surveillance, Homeland security, and DNA evidence, secret identities are a BITCH to maintain.

Matt Murdock has had a life filled with regret, sorrow, betrayal, and darkness. This series takes the decidedly beautiful choice of saying, “Well, FUCK THAT” and had Daredevil cannonball into the deep end of the fun pool. Matt chose this himself after realizing that yeah, life sucked and he had made some bad choices, but he wants to be happy, so he is happy. To get people up to speed on DD; Daredevil was possessed by a demon or something and ruled a gang of ninjas(this is unimportant overall but yeah he just came away from some bad times), and more important to the series, is the fact that everyone knows that Daredevil is Matt Murdock. His face was plastered all over the tabloids, and he is currently trying to live this down by hiding in plain sight and simply denying it until people move past it. However this brings up some new issues in his life, like how it affects the courtroom when everyone there believes he is a law-breaking vigilante.

The stories are fun and definitely comic-book superhero faire. Daredevil so far in the series has fought a conglomeration of criminal organizations, a supervillain made of sound, the Mole Man, Dr. Doom, and STILT-MAN. It is glorious! Something else I have to say is that the art is good throughout but where it really shines is during the radar sections where you see everything through Matt’s eyes. This is my favorite interpretation of his radar sense that I have seen in comics so far, it also tickles me immensely that he sees in pink.

Bottom Line:

Daring, fun, and masterfully crafted. This is a series that shows in modern days, how you can have a relevant comic without turning to darkness and ultraviolence.


“Okay… this looks bad”

The new Hawkeye series immediately reminded me of the Daredevil series above, and for all the right reasons. It is firmly entrenched in the Marvel Universe, brilliantly executed, and show our hero in a different light than we would normally see them. In opposition to my usual style, I am going to begin by talking about the art… Aja is a mastermind. This series is beautiful crafted in a  minimalist style that doesn’t have me comparing its art with comics, but its art with art. Special mention goes to issue 2, which takes place mostly at a circus and almost the entire issue is done in shades of purple. The covers also reflect the minimalist style and are always a favorite to see at comic stands. Less really is more here.

Now onto the show.

This series focuses on Clint’s time when he is not running around with the Avengers or saving the world. You would think that may sound boring, but you would be surprised how much shit one man can get into. The smartest move this series made though? Bringing in Kate Bishop. For those who don’t know, Kate Bishop is Hawkeye… okay let me re-explain. Kat Bishop was a member of the Young Avengers before they split(she will be a member when they reform later in NOW!), she loves purple and is an amazing fighter and archer, so she took the Hawkeye name while Clint was dead… only he wasn’t really dead… and then he was a ninja…. comics. The two of them have a good relationship and one of the things I love is that they have never fought over the name, they are both Hawkeye, a fact that amuses them greatly as they enjoy their call and response of it. “Good shot, Hawkeye.” “Why thank you, Hawkeye. Bad guy to you left” “I see him, Hawkeye”, etc. That and the overuse of “bro” are my favorite words gags in the series. Still the reason why bringing Kate in is so smart is because it gives us a character who belongs there and the Clint can trust, but without any sexual tension or angst(unless you are Hawkeye/Hawkeye shipper in which case FOR SHAME) Adding her to this series is the equivalent to teaming up Power Man and Iron Fist back in the day, its chocolate and peanut butter, bro. I really could just continue gushing about this series, hell, issue 3 is built on a single car chase and Clint using trick arrows, but I am going to let you guys experience this one for yourselves.

Bottom Line:

If you like comics then you should be reading this, bro!

Scarlet Spider

"All my life I was dying, I did terrible things. But now I have a second chance."
I find it really curious how many anti-heroes have spawned from the antics of Peter Parker. We have the new Venom, the Super Spider-Man, Morbius, and with this series, Kaine. For those uninformed few, Kaine is a clone of Peter Parker…

Wait! Where are you going?! Come on, it won’t be that bad…

Okay, welcome back. Kaine was a character introduced during the much reviled and editorially lengthened Clone Saga. It lasted forever and there were Spidey clones everywhere. Kaine was a failed clone whose body was scarred and so he decided to start killing people and angst… I really hated him. Kaine was trying so hard to get his own series back then, he really wanted to be Spawn…. but yeah, no dice. However he was recently brought back during a recent arc in Spider-Man and cured, he stole a Spidey suit, and decided to leave the country. Kaine makes it as far as Houston before his heroic heritage kicks in and he ends up becoming the guardian hero of the city. One of the most striking things in this series is its humor. I really expected this series to be an angst-fest but it has been really fun and amusing. Hell, the most recent issue had Kaine beating up burglars dressed like Santa Clause! Hell, the first time he stops an old lady crossing the street from getting run over he begins yelling out her for not looking both ways before crossing the fucking street!

Bottom Line

For everyone who is worried about the direction of The Superior Spider-Man, don’t worry, Marvel has your joyfully fun arachnid needs covered.


“We don’t have to run or be afraid of anything ever again. As long as we are together.”

In many ways I would consider Venom to be a sibling series to Scarlet Spider and vice versa, however while Scarlet Spider is rowdy and fun, Venom is dark and painful.

After high school, Flash Thompson joined the army and became a hero before losing both his legs. Flash was given a new chance to serve his country as Agent Venom, bonding to the symbiote for 48 hours at a time, the maximum time before the creature begins to invade Flash’s mind. Essentially he is forced to run all his missions on a timer less he releases a monster upon whatever populace he was deployed against. It’s a pretty damn cool premise and a really neat direction to take Venom.

One of the things I truly applaud here is how much we dive into Flash’s psyche. Flash is in no way a well adjusted person, with most of his issues stemming from an abusive, alcoholic father. We understand and empathize with this man who was a completely atrocious person in high school and became even worse after his injury and alcohol abuse. This series pulls no punches when it comes to the emotional situations. A few personal stand outs to me were: Flash’s conversation with a man who he had tormented in high school, to the point that they young man still has night terrors over the experiences, as well as Flash’s reaction to his father approaching his deathbed. The series really is as good as I am making it out, Remender’s hands are masterful at the helm here, and his final issue and its conclusion was one of the most satisfying comics I have ever read.

That is not to say the series is perfect. There are some really slow parts that don’t work well with the series(anything dealing with Hell and/or Mephisto). However I do like how entrenched the series is inside the Marvel Universe. Flash eventually goes on to join the Secret Avengers, The Thunderbolts, and even starts dating an Asgardian! Flash has come a long way since bullying Puny Peter at Midtown High.

Bottom Line

Recommended for everyone who likes their soul searching, intellectual series with a side order of alien goo and ultraviolence.

Wolverine and the X-Men

“Welcome to the Jean Grey School For Higher Learning. Welcome to the future.”

Oh, hell yes!

Love this series… oh damn do I love this series.

I know a lot of people who love Cyclops and Utopia and his Extinction Team, but for me THIS is where all the mutant action is at. After the Schism tore apart Wolverine and Cyclops, they went their own ways, with Wolverine shocking everyone by opening his own school for mutants. Now Headmaster Logan of the Jean Grey Institute, he is balancing being an Avenger and running the X-Force all while trying to keep the school from blowing up. This is seriously some of the most fun you will have outside of Nextwave people!

Look I could seriously gush about this series but honestly I would just go on and on and spoil things, so I am just going to name off some things I love about this series in no particular order:

Psychic shotguns, Steampunk Adventurer Beast, Extra-Dimensional Imps who steal your whiskey, Dr. Xantos Starblood- Action Zoologist, BROO, the Hellfire Babies, Beast and Sabretooth fighting IN SPACE, and KRAKOA!

Bottom Line

Go out and start reading this series. You WILL laugh!… or I will kick you and you will then explode.