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whats happened so far, then and now

War on peace storyline

War on peace part 1 (CVnU story)

War on peace part 2 (CVnU story)

War on peace part 3 final (CVnU story)

War on Peace RP(Actual)


a year has passed since these incidents occurred and when millions of maggnoriyion's perished within the battle and on the ground civilians scavenge what's left in the rubble from their houses hoping to take back something from this war that caused so much grief and sadness and anger. Little is known how the battle ended other then that Zemol himself and his flagship were destroyed and upon that happening the siege upon Planet Zenitaia was mostly left in ruins from the scourge.

The scourge as well retreated to their ships and the loft into an unreached an unknown party space ever to be heard from again. Apparently that didn't stop others from coming in making their claims a group known as, "the theology Council, which in terms is related to The Universal Council

it is yet unknown what we face until that day came, the day we got off our feet and search for a new way home back to the promise land said in the prophecy passed down eons within our culture, but something was amiss the universal Council and the theology Council did not want this to happen, what us to be free from this burden in this hellhole called the galaxy, upon construction of the gate a war ensues between demigods and immortals! A galactic battle ensues and in the end there was no winner!

after the battle was over The Federation was crippled almost to the Brinks of non-repair, seeing this the Federation declared war upon the universal Council and the theology Council and its Imperial fleets! Lashing out for over two months skirmishes crossed Kepler system led to each factions military might being diminished into something very small! Now, the Federation has been disband, leading the new power or coalition if you want to call it that is Mr. yashimora otherwise known as sakara. Originally sakara didn't want the job but after so many assassination attempts on his wife even while she was leading S.T.R.I.K.E. They arranged her to be off planet and go back home to planet Zenitaia.

With the Federation and the Imperial fleets destroyed new technology arises on planet Zenitaia technology not for war, but for expiration! Unknowingly the first explorers to venture out came across the battleground that changed everything..... The completion and activation of the dimensional gate not knowing how truly powerful it was one loan ship came through the gate in front of them, larger than a dreadnought class it was golden shiny and had pictographs of some sort a legend on each side of its hull, the tail end of it ship had to rotational parts and it was shaped as a spear not knowing the dangers the expiration crew took as much data as they could just before I went towards their ship screaming into faster than light travel behind them ship passes them as they worry the what the destination of the unknown ship leads to.

days pass on planet Zenitaia are cities that were once in rumble our towns star once demolished mostly built and reconstructed my house specifically was never harmed likely some freak stroke of luck my whole neighborhood was spared and I started normal life for my people with the love of my life Ayana. But now I have a lot more responsibilities, responsibilities they'll affect my entire race, the universal Council is still live as well as the theology Council, and what I heard there building up their fleet but in her odd twist we've heard whispers that they are not attacking us anymore attacking something stronger more dangerous more deadly!

But I must continue my role as Mr. yashimora a mutant alien on earth superhero to defend America to defend earth and its people, but will I be in time?

part 1 of 2 of the conclusion of what's to come.