way of the SWORD

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whats happened so far, then and now part 2, The Return to Earth

sitting in his office at work he pondered to himself, what about earth, what about the humans? Sakara new that his race is been through a lot and he should be worrying about myself and not another species the earth was his home for over 60 years and he pretty much grew up there.

Sakara then looked at his clock it was already the next morning so we decided to call up his team and his wife and talk to him about earth about their struggles. "I'll think were going to be welcomed back on earth, I know STRIKE hasn't been disbanded but they have a new leader you can't just fire him now, if we go back there will be living in the shadows again you could choose to leave for not it's up to you but I need a crew from a ship spent a good year pouring credits and resources into that ship to make it the perfect blockade runner ship that can get out of anything and can handle itself saw masking all of you to you wish to stay or join me"? Ayana obviously willing to join her husband convinces the others over the phone to join with him but will seem like an extended vacation from work.

five hours later.....

Sakara and the rest of his team walk into the hangar Annie's turns around saying to them just before they reach a ship, "we might be staying on her for quite a few years no regrets"? they all stand at attention, salute, and say all the same time, "SO SAY WE ALL"!

they all enter the ship as their driver was late he quickly runs the shipping gets in, turns to sakara and said, "sorry, sorry, was just grabbing a few things before I left". he runs the cockpit sits in the captain's chair and turns all of the hovering landing thrusters on as everybody else sits down in their seats sakara walks up to him pokes him on the shoulder and says, "that's my chair buddy". Pilot gets out a chair and says, "sorry, a little carried away".

Sakara then sits in the captain's chair and says to himself out loud, "let's go, to earth"!