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War on peace part 3 final (CVnU story)

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initial bombardment left most of the cities planets in ruins at the survivors fighting to stay alive, civilians hide in the underground bunkers. Zamol's forces also known as the Scourge did a devastating blow to the Galactic Federation of the maggnoriyion race!

The fighting continues on the outskirts of the capital, Scourge drop ships rain down on the planet for miles dropping off thousands and thousands of troops. Lucky for the maggnoriyion race and the Federation those more than 7 million troops stationed on that planet making up more than half from the losses of their space forces to defend their planet.

As the Circumstance at one of the largest spaceports in the Western continent Adm. now considered general Akira transfers to a M.C.T. or mobile command tank to take her brilliant mind the battlefield. As a drop ship comes in picks them up in the tank straight to the battlefield she looks at the monitors since there is no windows on the tank seeing all the devastation in the news reports saying that over 30 million civilians have died so far in the planetary compartment and a quarter of the ground forces is engaging in the outskirts of the capital city of Zenitaia!

The Scourge army seems be after the element nation not just their species but their Council, Gen. Akira's M.C.T. is dropped off in front of the Council building with the rear guard or military force and directs all actions that are going on in the outskirts in the front lines. Gen. Caro starts barking orders telling the 23rd Marine Corps and the 54th armored division to step up their plate in destroying those drop ships before they can land troops but appear to be too heavily armored and most of their armament has no effect!

Gen. carrier devices a plan to keep them out of the rest of the city and keep them in the outskirts where there's barely any structures left from all the fighting so she orders full Vance of all forces and rearguard besides the personal assets their guarding the Council chamber a waiting for the Council to be evacuated. "sit rep, I need a sit rep we just lost communications on several these monitors what's going on", Gen. Akira the yells to the crewmen of the mobile command tank. "an electromagnetic pulses been activated in sector g178-33"! a surveillance officer in tank replies and then continue saying, "all system should be back up and in operational status within a couple of minutes it seems we destroyed the EMP device already ma'am"!

just then a fast more smaller and agile drop ship streaks towards the Council building making a regular and awkward movements the SAM's and AAA have a hard time shooting it down and general Kira orders any fighter jets in the area to shoot it down as fast as they can! to JH 22 attack fighters engage drop ship and fired two missiles at it destroying its engines the most destroying the whole drop ship itself when all the sudden it reaches the capital building in the Council Chambers crashing right into the dome structure of the Council Chambers building with council members still inside Gen. Carol orders all ground Marine and immortal forces to enter the building the grab the council members out of their as fast they could and to kill any survivors of the drop ship!

The battle intensifies even more on the outskirts enemy and allied tanks clash as infantry take on one another, mechanized exo suits clash with Federation robotic mech's otherwise known as rhinos. As the two armies clash supreme at Roca tars message reaches Mr. yashimora's transport ship on Karyi V as the crew attempts to reach Mr. yashimora within the canyons they are in a distress call to any able-bodied to help out the maggnoriyion race and the Galactic Federation is issued and a beacon is sent out from Mr. yashimora's transport ship to earth. Who will save the maggnoriyion race from annihilation and will Mr. yashimora be able to help and stop the evil Zamol and the scourge?

(this story will now be continued on a open RP)

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