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War on peace part 1 (CVnU story)

1800 hrs. planet Zenitaia orbit

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BOOOM, over the planet Zenitaia an large scale space ensues as the Federation faces Zomal's forces! thousands upon thousands of starship's clash in an epic battle above the planet, BOOOM, "SIR, THE OCEANIC AND THE REVOLT HAVE BEEN DESTROYED"! the young navigator said aboard the Federation flagship Legacy yelling at supreme Adm. Qatar as he sits in the His chair barking out orders to the fleet. "com, order the Revolutionary and the Travolt to section 183 – 9 and the Renaissance and Freedom to section 183 – 5", supreme Adm.Qatar said moving part of the fleet in for a pincer attack.

Four ships fired and clashed with the enemy ships doing serious amount of damage humbles sides the Revolutionary being a heavy dreadnought was taken the least amount of damage and the most amount of damage given was heading the assault when the enemy cruiser gunned its engines slamming right into the bow of the ship detonating cannon fuel charges permanently disabling the heavy dreadnought but mostly destroying both ships as they still shot at each other while their entangled in one another.

BOOOM, the Travolt was destroyed taken serious damage to the entire left side of the ship. Gun ammunition detonate within the ship causing serious damage and eventually its destruction splitting in half in a large cloud of fire. Renaissance and Freedom both being frigates were fast attack ships picking off small enemy fighters and drop ships going down the planet the siege planet itself they were vaporized by the incoming enemy battleship fire, the pincer attack failed as there are still one enemy dreadnought left and one battleship the only ship they managed to destroy in the pincer attack was a cruiser and the frigate! Supreme Adm. Qatar had his hands full they were outgunned but not outnumbered, the Federation numbered in the tens of thousands most of them still undocking at dry dock to get in the fight which left him with 2000 strong in the enemy had a good number of 1700 ships mostly dreadnoughts was a bad thing since the Federation mostly deals battleships and their dreadnoughts under left right arm which only are numbered in the hundreds.

Supreme Adm.Qatar had a long-standing history, he has fought in over 113 battles to make the Federation what it is today, SAFE! But it was long and bloody Road just like any other space conflict battle this one was going to be bloody and filled with casualties. Little did supreme Adm. Qatar know that there was already a landing party of enemy troops siegeing the planet!

supreme Adm. Qatar grinned and said, "okay now I'm mad, com tell defense force fleet 12 to attack the enemy at 183 – 8 and 183 – 9 and the main fleet will attack the rest forces would get a defend the planet at all cost"! he struggles in his seat knowing it's going to be a risky move to break up the fleet into two parts an attack individual parts of the enemy fleets cluster above the planet to try to get them the fall back or at least back off away from the planet still not knowing that they have already failed and enemy forces are planet side.

Enemy beam laser cannon rips through the Legacies flanking battleship tearing it in half, BOOOM, it explodes large chunk of the aft engine flies towards the Legacy bouncing office defensive shielding draining it almost completely! Bridge officer yells that supreme Adm. Qatar saying, "SIR, SHIELDS DOWN THE 20%"! supreme Adm. Qatar replies saying, "take power from nonessential systems to compensate, and take evasive action to heading 1758 – 01". then all the sudden a large explosion appears on the right of the ship tearing off one of its hanger's and internal micro explosions erupted within the ship, they were hit by an enemy stealth torpedo that was sent by one of the enemy's dreadnoughts.

"DAMAGE REPORT"!? supreme Adm. Qatar yells to the bridge officers. "left hanger gone, multiple micro-explosions throughout the ship casually reports now coming in Sir, hundred 50 dead 22 wounded so far we are also dead in space sir engines are not functioning"!! supreme Adm. Qatar replies saying, "transfer all emergency power to shields, close bulkhead doors and fire emergency forward thrusters and get us the hell out of here"!