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the E.L.S. super villain! (CVnU NPC bio)

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Also known as the Swarm, the ELS- Extraterrestrial Living-Metal Shape-Shifters are Earths ultimate enemy! The Swarm are a race of techno-organic sentient aliens that have the unique ability to assimilate nearly all life and technology. In doing this the can absorb all organic information that it possess in there minds thus allowing them to adapted to any circumstances. They appear as a silver metallic organisms that can take solid or liquid-like forms. The Swarm has no true form as they are capable of taking any shape or size relative to their mass.

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They can combine or separate from one another to increase or decrease its mass as needed. When faced with an opponent or something unknown, the Swarm can assimilate and convert the target of interest into a ELS of its own self. When confronted with unknown organic lifeforms or technologies, the Swarm assimilates the target like an aggressive virus. Its rapid adaptability and versatility allows it to take hold of technology in a matter of seconds and organic matter in a manner of minutes. The Swarm also are able to develop countermeasures against any enemy forces.

The Swarm like to form a cone-arrowhead type shape for the main form know more then 50m in length, but when they assimilate there enemy, they can transform into there own factions ships but with greater firepower! Nothing is known of the Swarms origin other then it seems they speak to one another telepathically and there home planet was destroyed millions of years ago by there star dying and going Super Nova. For reasons unknown they been hunting down something and they have committed geniside to countless worlds to get it.

Classes of ELS

Small ELS

These are the most common types of ELS, typically smaller than a bus, coming in blade, conical, and prism shapes. They commonly target people.

Medium ELS

Less common than Small ELS, the medium ELS are roughly the same size as crew ship, and target other things that size or larger. However, anybody caught within the path of medium ELSs will be instantly assimilated, as opposed to being slowly assimilated by the smaller ELS. They take on similar structures as jellyfish.

Large ELS

Only one large ELS was is known, and it is spherically shaped, roughly the size of the moon. It served as a base of sorts to the ELS, and is capable of assimilating planets!

ELS short history

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The ELS is a peaceful species living in the far side of the galaxy in their old home world. After billions of years of evolution and developing their planet, their planet was on the brink of destruction as their sun went supernova and engulfed their home world. To survive, the ELS had no choice but to send out an expedition force in a giant sphere about 3000 kilometers in diameter in search of a new place that is similar to their destroyed planet, so that they can assimilate and make it into their home world. Along their expedition, they assimilated and reformed several planets and planetary systems. Now the ELS got the location of Earth and begin there long journey to the blue planet!