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Mr. yashimora's personal transport, "Libertatem"


The libertatem meaning "Freedom" in Latin, is a highly advanced blockade runner transport developed and engineered by Mr. yashimora himself as his personal pet project for the last year. Costing over him over 3 billion Galactic credits it was not a cheap invention. Being a civilian starship due to Galactic regulations it has very minimum armaments, only enough to take out unshielded fighters such as an F 35 for example.

It's armor and shielding are also minimum due to the compact nature of the ship. it can withstands kinetic weapons fire for hours due to its shields being specifically designed to handle against human weaponry and its armor is not penetrable by standard and heavy ammunition that the human race uses.

It's faster than light travel drive or Xornox drive, is known to be the most fastest FTL drive developed by the newly formed coalition. not much yet is been said about it since it is still highly experimental the ship being the first test dummy. More information will follow.

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Maximum Crew: 4-5 personnel

length: 55 feet

Height: 13 feet

Shields: light

Armor: light

Speed: 4500 km/s

FTL: experimental

Weaponry: four light laser auto cannons

Flight distance: 2000 light years before refueling