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Marvels agents of shield(Discussion/review)

for any big Marvel fans out there or just like the watch the show, tonight's episode revealed Sky's true identity! it explained a little about her past and such but we now know she is the future Daisy. For some like me who don't really read the comic books or haven't yet Daisy is a cannon superhero as seen here,_Daisy

I am very excited of the way they're going reintroduce this character and the way that the TV show is headed. I'm a huge SHIELD fan and I hope the show continues, hell, for as long as Stargate did! But anyway for all you fans out there are you excited for the next an upcoming episodes/seasons? Are you happy that we found out she's Daisy Johnson? Do you even like the show if so the way it's turning out? Let's make this a discussion not just a review on my tastes.