way of the SWORD

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A United Nation leaders meeting (open story location)

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United Nations HQ - New York

moaning and rumbling caused by the Senators and higher-ups waiting impatiently for hours upon hours of their so-called one who brought them there. Them tensing about like childish reactions upon reaction didn't like, one Chancellor yells up set in plain English, "shut up and wait for them"! just before numerous senators were about to get rowdy and start punching up each other, when all the noise and argument was drowned out by clapping....


You have taken from beneath me,


the very thing that made me free.

I gave you my life,

and you filled it with strife.

The path you took was wrong and cruel,

so here we fight the final duel? "

one of the meals for security as with some type of magical power blows off the entirety of the head of the senator who yelled it, fear, upon other emotions rang out around the table as the mysterious figure in white cloth and white cloak walks in the center of the chamber where arms out looking at each of them barely through any cloth not knowing when not really seeing person spaces both ways he says,


Many comrades have died,

and with it we lose our pride.

We feel fear and pain,

but that is what keeps us sane.

And we are going to stay alive, "

because we have the strength to survive.?

as security get begins to form in through the building mutely firing tasers into the unknown being doing no effect he puts it's arms down slowly and once her hands it's sides the security of guards got electrocuted by their own tasers frying their insides out! They all drop to the floor dead in instant with teleportation takes all the needles from the Taser guns out and drop them on the floor for. trapping the world's union inside the building it says to them one final time,


Legends tell of a day,

when the world fell into dismay.

I will rise up from zero,

to become the Hero.

Humanity will cheer,

as I march to the frontier. "

He continued for smirking and then with an evil laugh he said, "do you think your Savior is here now, or are you so pessimistic about holding onto your beliefs of a false God, we are the true God's! Gods that will label waste to your entire planet the defy us in anyone or anything that stand away will perish I leave you with this warning humans, "the storm is over now begins the war"!!

The unknown God wrapped in white vanishes from the room like Ian disintegrated and evaporated at the same time in before everybody knew what just happened, not even time to get out their seats.....

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the building blows up killing everyone inside, but not damaging or hurting anyone else outside!