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  • Superman & Lois Lane

  • A match made in heaven.

  • Batman & Catwoman

  • Batman may have had many relationships in his career but it's the on and off one with Catwoman that matters the most. It's also good that they always come back to each other.

  • Iron Man & Pepper Potts

  • Although Pepper started as Tony's secretary, she has really evolved quite a bit these past few years as Rescue and Tony's love. Iron Man has also evolved (not entirely sure yet) from being a playboy to loving Pepper.

  • Captain America & Sharon Carter

  • It took me a while to like this relationship; but now it's one of my favourite!

  • Nick Fury and Contessa

  • They love each other but they also might kill each other! Contessa is one of the very few members of SHIELD that can keep up with Fury and stand as an equal.

  • Spider-man loves Mary Jane

  • We want this relationship back! (Hopefully Venom can go eat Carlie Cooper ... heh heh)

  • Barry Allen & Iris West Allen

  • This is a magnificent relationship but Barry needs to make more time for Iris.

  • Luke Cage & Jessica Jones

  • This is the funniest relationship in the list. These two are always butting heads but in a loving sort of way. I love to see them together and bickering.

  • The Joker & Harley Quinn

  • The most abusive relationship here, but it portrays what love can do to a person like Harley. Love is her addicted drug, just hopefully Joker doesn't plan on killing her again.

  • Black Canary & Barbara Gordon

  • What? You want Dick and Barbara? Well, toooo bad! This relationship is just as canon as any of the others and both these lovely ladies are always speaking in double entendre over their communicator line. So even when they're not together, they are thinking about each other! x3