Clash of the Comics #19: Emma Frost vs. Toyman

 Clash of the Comics #19


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Emma was just a normal B student until her powers manifested. She was often abused by her father, which resulted in Emma using her powers for selfish goals. When tension in her family increased, she ran away. She later found herself working for the Hellfire Club under the guise of the White Queen.

Emma's early undignified profession 
Emma's early undignified profession 

Motivated to crime by a personal tragedy (well ... the robot he was married to died) and due to a crooked deal over his toy empire.

MrUnknown: Emma – it is complex enough, though Toyman is a little in understanding how he turned out to be a villain. Why didn’t he just make another robot wife of the same design?

RazzaTazz:  Tie - I think they are both pretty well defined background stories.    


Emma’s is one of the most powerful telepaths as she was central towards locking away the Sentry’s Void personality and usually keeps all the mutants in Utopia in touch through her telepathy. She also had another mutation – an ability to shift into diamond form. In this form she loses her telepathy and is generally cold to others, more so than usual. 

None, but is a technological genius. 

MrUnknown: Emma – I doubt think her telepathy will have any effect on Toyman’s well, toys! But she might be able to crush them in her diamond form, but she isn’t Superman.

RazzaTazz: I will go with Emma here, I think she is smarter than Superman and it usually comes down to outthinking the Toyman, so if Superman can beat him Emma must be able to. 


Emma’s costume would be hard to cosplay as, I guess.  

Wears what you might expect a toymaker to wear in a toy store. 

MrUnknown: Emma, well naturally!

A not so tough decision 
A not so tough decision 

RazzaTazz: I am not the biggest fan of Emma's costume, but I will give it the advantage here over Toyman, though his is creepy enough to fit the job description.  


Emma’s is very bitchy as she complains about everything and is very self-centered. Lately, this has been toned done however, I think Emma is one of the hardest characters to write properly. 

 One of her best moments
 One of her best moments

A little strange at times (for instance with his robot wife) he wants to teach the humans of the world a lesson, but never at the expense of chidlren. 

Toyman's playhouse 
Toyman's playhouse 

MrUnknown: Emma when written well is just so perfect a contrast to the rest of the X-men, and makes for some really great stories.

RazzaTazz: I guess Emma wins, because she is a good character when she is written right.   


If you can work around her attitude and get used to it, I’m sure she’d be gorgeous to be around with. But, you might also want to think before you think because you know, well… telepathy.

Kind of creepy but also a villain that proves hard to deal with because of the lethality of his inventions. 

MrUnknown: Gonna go with creepy guy over here, not! This guy reminds me of that doll from the Child’s Play movies which I watched when I was like 6 or 7.

Why would anyone buy this doll? 
Why would anyone buy this doll? 

RazzaTazz: Emma again, for not being afraid to flaunt it.

Best Story:

Grant Morrison’s New X-men, it was a fantastic run and the one responsible for Emma’s current status for being in the X-men’s ranks although most of it was ret-conned. 

I think the revelation that his wife was a robot is kind of hard to top. 

MrUnknown: Emma - Morrison’s run was one of the best X-men stories of the previous decade.

RazzaTazz: Emma would win by default just for not being creepy.   

Fun Fact:

Since I love lists, Emma Frost was ranked #30 in Empire’s list of Top 50 Greatest Comic Book Characters.

Humans falling in love with robots is a not very common plot device, though it did happen in Blade Runner. 

MrUnknown: Emma is the first woman from Marvel in the list. So certainly that is quite the achievement. No? Yes, I know she would want a higher spot.

RazzaTazz: Toyman, just because this is an aspect of artifical intelligence which needs to be developed more.

Media Appearance:

Emma Frost appeared in X-men First Class (although I’ve not yet watched it) but the movie has gotten better reviews than expected and she was also on the poster for the movie.

Emma Frost as played by January Jones 
Emma Frost as played by January Jones 

In both Smallville and the DC Animated Universe, not very often seen, but had a few choice moments. 

Toyman in the DCAU 
Toyman in the DCAU 

MrUnknown: Tie – Both haven’t had their own projects, but have appeared here and there.

RazzaTazz: I will go with Emma for being in the most recent XMen movie.   

Current Whereabouts:

 Co-leader of the X-men and in Cyclops’ arms.

He is one of Superman's more common villains and so is never far away from the action.

MrUnknown: Emma – But her adventures haven’t been as exciting over the past few years. Here’s hoping she gets a book similar to Rouge’s X-men: Legacy.

RazzaTazz: You can't beat the X-Mansion for one of the coolest places to hang out.      

MrUnknown: 8 - 0; RazzaTazz: 7 - 1 

Emma: 15, Toyman: 1 
Emma: 15, Toyman: 1 


 Emma with her toy
 Emma with her toy