Marvel Studio Power Rankings!

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Because that's what you call these sorts of list right.

This list will be updated and revised as the films come out on Blu Ray, no currently in Theatre films will be considered.

9/15/14 - UPDATE : Added Captain America: The Winter Soldier in the 4 spot and brought Iron Man up from 7 to 5 pushing Thor and Incredible Hulk down a slot.

12/20/14 - UPDATE: Added Guardians fo the Galaxy at number 6 knocking everything below it down a peg.

10/2/15 - UPDATE: Added Avengers: Age of Ultron to the list at Number 6 knocking everything below it down a peg.

List items

  • It's a little early to add this but Civil War is built upon a half decades worth of emotional history and shows the maturity of the genre better then any feature since The Dark Knight or The Avengers.

  • The end to Phase 1 and the grand experiment. It honestly shouldn't have worked as well as it did. It asserted Marvel as the studio of international blockbusters and showed that Joss Whedon is Nerd God.

  • Effectivly the epilogue to Phase One, Iron Man 3 is starting to appear the exception to the rule. Shane Black was brought in by star Robert DOwney Jr. and Black made a Shane Black film that painted with the Marvel crayons. Iron Man 3 stands out as Marvel Studios closet thing ot an auteruist film.

  • Joe Johnston's channeling of classic Hollywood adventure by way of Indiana Jones and proper ground work for the charactero of Steve Rogers makes Captain America: The First Avenger belive a man can fly better than Superman.

  • Iron Man is part of 2 origin films (Batman Begins) that showed how to structure a film like clockwork. Using the Heroe's Journey template to guide the enjoyable Robert Downey Jr. along as he takes Tony Stark to something resembling a billionaire playboy philanthropist.

  • The sequel to one of the best Marvel films feels like a true post-Avengers story and takes world in a new direction. A concpiracy thriller in its own right may not be able to fully turn the corner on emotional resonance but lives on a strong lead preformance from Evans and his supporting cast along with several excellent action sequences.

  • While definatly on the weird side of Marvel and a lot of fun. Guardians of the Galaxy gets by on exuerence, a kicking soundtrack, an solid acting all around. But on rewatch the energy gives way to the little cracks and the films inability jettison fully out of the Marvel playbook. It's a fun enough riff but 10 films in, Guardians is starting to show the Marvel formula a bit too much even when it has some truly spectacular moments.

  • The sequel and capper to Marvel's second phase lacks the novelty or semi-genric wrapping of prior films. It's flabby in contrast to the lean, clockwrok structure of its predecessor, struggling to juggle an enormous cast and setup the next phase of Marvel. But still manages to hit enough actually great character moments and setpieces that you don't end up caring about the detractors. That gives the film it's character.

  • The Marvel Machine keeps on rolling. Ant-Man packs in some interesting new ideas but never fully realizes the portential of its small hero and his shining supporting cast.

  • For all of the boasting about crazy Asgardian sets, THor is a very personal and small film. Which is why many seem to not enjoy it. Thor took the titular character and through him into an understandable human story.

  • The sequel to Thor, The Dark World finds itself driven by a mile a minute plot and an underdeveloped story that dose nothing to inform the excellent characters it set up previously. Save for a couple of scenes between stars Hemsworth and Hiddleston, The Dark World lacks the earned emotional heart the best of MCU has trained us to suspect.

  • Like its titular monster, Incredible Hulk is the red headed stepchild of Phase One. Louis Leterrier brought his typical high octane action to the feature, making something that dosen't look like the rest of the MCU and that's fantastic.

  • Marvel Studios only true critical bomb. Iron Man 2 simply tried to do too much too fast. Introducing Black Widown, Thor, and continuing to hint at The Avengers leads to Tony Stark and his internal struggle pushed to the side. The accelorated production schedule undoubtdly is what drove directo Jon Favreau away and it shows on screen. Iron Man 2 feels like they went with the first draft and not draft 5.