Wondering About Wonder Woman

I love Wonder Woman. Always have and always will. But reading Trinity I'm questioning her status in the DC Universe. Well she's placed next to Superman and Batman yet she isn't the franchise they are. She hasn't had a movie yet. None of the Wonder Woman family has their own book. And to be honest, her series isn't as strong as either of the other two. The battle with Genocide is good and the reveal in the last issue was great, but it seems like it's taking forever to nowhere. Compare what's happening in her storyline to Batman being dead and Superman on New Krypton, the New Olympians isn't really compelling.

I wish Wodner Woman had a bigger franchise. I like the animated movie. But why doens't Donna Troy have her on book like Supergirl or like NIghtwing and Robin had. Why doesn't she have aseprate book like Detective Comics and Action Comics. Didn't she use to be the face of All-Star. Why can't they bring them back? And to be honest, I 'm not really sure about who Wonder Woman is and what motivates her. Sure they mention it in the comics but it's not as cut and dry as Superman and Batman.

I'm hoping at some point they give her a super make over. No big changes but take what they have and just punch it up a bit. I'm not asking for more fighting but more of deeper character study. Give her more characterazation. If you replaced her with Xena I really couldn't tell the difference. I wish they would get into the fact that she lived her whole life on an island with women. Show me how she deals with men on a person level. How does she really see our world? She should have a distinct perspective on it. But of course one we can relate to. She is supposed to be about truth. Well why not more stories where she is exposing lies. Have her finding deeper meaning in our world. It's not all about her being the warrior but also an artist and philopsher. These were also traits of the ancient greeks.
Now without souding like a male pig, I would also like to see more sex appeal from her. You would think that would be something blatant about her. Not where she's going around sleeping with a bunch of guys. Or girls. But like how women from South American countries often flaunt their sexuality because where they are from they aren't repressed in doing so. They are free and can feel safe. I may be a guy but I think that's one thing women want. They want to be comfortable under their own skin. They  want to feel like they can be sexual or at least look and feel sexy without having to worry about people commenting or men oogling them or the possibility to be attack. Look how Wonder Woman dress anyway. She shows that a women can dress how she wants and not worry have to worry. 

It think also they should show more of her inner strength. It shouldn't be about how physically strong she is. They often have her fighting a great deal. But that doens't make her a strong woman. It makes her male in a female guise. She should show that she can handle herself in a fight but she would much rather solve her problems in a more peaceful and civilized way. She is the ambassador to man's world for Themyrscira. She should show her more diplomatic attributes. Now they do touch on this in some stories but they must make it somethng felt in all stories. It shouldn't be all about the warrior women. It should be more about the Goddess of Truth.  

And I think they need to expand on her world. I wish they hadn't changed her relationship with Steve Trevor. I liked the movie because they put them back together. The guy she's with now I don't think is on her level. He can't emotionally handle being with her. Also with her sexuality, in this day and age, there should be a strong appeal to women. Not saying Wonder Woman should be a lesbian or bisexual, but she is comfortable with her sexuality and there should be something abouthers that would make another woman question hers. Wonder Woman would know this and she would play off of it. She would be the ultimate flirt. But for all the sexual vibes she puts out there she is would be very chaste. With sex comes a code of honor and integrity. She would almost seem old fashion in her ways. A sort of tom boy who likes to make the boys she play with crazy. I think this would give her some dimension to her character. They hint at this sometimes but they never really run with it. 

Also they need to do something with Donna Troy and Cassandra. Sure they are both in Titans and Teen Titans but they need their own books. Or get some other Amazon to expand onthe Wonder Woman family. She is suppsoed to be on the same level as Superman and Batman but she doesn't seem strong enough to pas the torch to other characters. Like I said, I love Wonder Woman and would love to see more from her. They need to reall build her up. If they don't then she is only going to go so far  and I thin she could go as far as the other two. And that would really round out the Trinity.

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