Wonder Woman turns 600


Okay, Wonder Woman isn't turning 600 in age but she has an upcoming issue, number 45, where it will be the 600th issue of a Wonder Woman comic.

Wonder Woman has been around since 1941 first debuting in Sensation Comic #1. Since then she has had her own self-titled series but each one came to an end and a new volume was presented. Right now she has series out, volume 3, and it started back at number 1. She is currently at issue number 35. When the series reaches number 45 it will be the 600th issue featuring Wonder Woman as the main character.

There is currently a campaign by die hard Wonder Woman fans who want the series' number to change from issue 44 to issue 600, instead of 45. They believe that Wonder Woman should receive the same treatment as Superman and Batman, who's series have numbered beyond 600. They are asking people to send postcards to DC Comics asking for this change. Dan DiDio, Senior VP and Executive Editor for DC comics has asked if people really want it, it will happen, but he wants 600 postcards stating so.

For those who are not aware, Wonder Woman makes up what is known as the DC Trinity. In the DC Universe, she ranks alongside Superman and Batman. But as they have had on going series, she hasn't. They also have had big screen movies and she hasn't but that is another story. The thought is if her numbered issues were changed to 600 she would seem to be more on par with them and maybe her popularity would grow. Not that she isn't popular. Not only having her own series she has been a prominent member of the Justice League and made many appearances in the books of other characters.

I happen to love Wonder Woman. She is my second favorite DC Superhero, Aquaman being my number one, and I think the change in number might be a step in the right direction. DC will being getting a postcard from me in the coming week. The only problem is when looking at one's Wonder Woman collection the numbering is going to look funny. To go from 44 to 600? Yeah. That seems like a huge jump.  And to someone on the outside they may get confused. My opinion is that DC, when making the change should put out a companion piece stating the change and also showcasing the different series she has appeared in. With this companion piece they can also state the changes that have happened to Wonder Woman over the years.

Superman and Batman have had relatively little changes made to their storyline. Superman came from Krypton and Batman's parents were killed when he was a child, however Wonder Woman's origins have changed and so have her cast of characters. Steve Trevor use to be her love interest and Etta Candy was her friend. At one point, she lost her powers and was trained by a martial arts masters. It seemed with each new series there was a different story to go along with it. The latest series has pretty much kept up with the changes made back in the 80s. But then how do you make all these changes and then connect them into one series leading up to 600?

Well I think the companion piece would help people understand the changes. And if needed they could also create new stories to sort of retcon those changes so they make sense. One big event that changed her story was the First Crisis in the 1980's. This where Wonder Woman changed to what we pretty much know her as today.

Hey no matter what they do I'm hoping Wonder Woman gets the respect and treatment she deserves. I think there are a lot things that could be improved on but what ever DC does with her, story wise, I want them to promote her as the third part of the DC Trinity and treat her as such. If Superman and Batman can have over 600 issues why not her. And also if they can have multiple spin off series why can;t she as well. Which also leads me back to the fact she hasn't had a movie yet. We've seen Superman and Batman have multiple motion picture runs and she hasn't had one yet. Maybe with the change in her numbers and DC putting her name out more and the fans showing great interest she'll get her day on the big screen. Until then--

Joshua Rainey

Send your postcard wanting Wonder Woman comics to change to 600 to:

Dan DiDio
c/o DC Comics Inc.
1700 Broadway
New York, NY 10019

Simply state "Wonder Woman issue #45 should start renumbering at #600. Thanks".

And don't forget to sign your name. No duplicates please. They will be rejected.