Where's Aquaman?

I went to the Big Apple Comic Con this weekend. It wasn't that bad. I got to see a few B list and below celebrities I like. I realized that R2D2 is annoying. They had him running around beeping all over the place. After awhile I wanted to kick the crap out him. He was like a smoke alarm you couldn't turn off. He was just beeping and buzzing. But no disrespect to R2. I love him in the movies. In person, he sucks. But anyway. 
I go to most of the Comic Cons in New York. One day I hope to branch out and go to one else where. Especially the San Diego one. I'm thinking it's like a Geek Mecca. You have to make a pilgrimage there at least once in your life, right? It looks great on TV. Well one thing I do whenever I go to a Comic Con is I look out for my number one superhero: Aquaman. The problem is he isn't a lot of other people's favorite. And because of that there seems to be very little merchandise for him. Sure I got plenty of Aquaman stuff. I think well over a hundred. But when you think about it Superman and Batman and Spiderman have ten times as much.  
I thought maybe I couldn't find anything new because I had it already. But as I looked around Aquaman merchandise was rather scarce. Most of the stuff they had on display I already had but if they had one Aquaman they had twenty for Batman and Superman. And different kinds of stuff.  I was hoping for a hat or t-shirt. Nothing. The only thing I found was a button I bought for a dollar. And it wasn't even a good button. It looked like they got the image from a VHS bootleg and pressed it on. 
I am happy in the coming months there will be a couple of Aquaman statues coming out. I will be one of the first to pick one up. Hopefully I will have better luck with these statues than the last few I bought. I got them on Ebay. When they arrived at my house they were chipped or broken. I bought the Aquaman snowglobe and when I opened the box I discovered a dime sized hole in the glass dome and the water leaked out into the box. Luckily I got my money back and could buy another one in good condition. But some of my other purchases didn't end with happy results. Especially when the items are limited edition. 
I am hoping one day Aquaman will become a major character again and they'll make all types of items for him. I'm an Aquaman junkie. I'll go to a 12 step and admit that. I have no shame about it. He's my favorite character, even if I don't agree how he's been portrayed for the last twenty or so years. I liked him better in the Golden and Early Silver age. I'm so glad they changed him from King Orin with the harpoon hand and back to the classic orange and green. Maybe one day someone will come along and breath a new and better life for him. But until then...