The Look of Luke Cage

I've been a Luke Cage fan since I was kid. Growing up a black youth there weren't many black super heroes featured. He was the number one where I was from. I would go places, that didn't have comics, and I would see someone with a Luke Cage poster or picture. Most of them were often home drawn. I don't remember  a lot of merchandise for him back in the day. Now I see there is a great many products you can purchase. My problem is Luke cage never looks the same. 
At my local comic shop, Comic Book Jones in Staten Island, New York, they were selling Luke Cage statues. One was the classic look where he's wearing the yellow coat and the metal headband around his afro and a chain belt around his waist. The other was him in a black outfit with bald head and sporting a pair of shades. I have to say that I Iike the classic look better. The new updated looks he's been sporting don't do it for me. He doesn't look distinct enough. If they didn't say it was Like Cage I wouldn't know it was him. I would think it was some ordinary black guy running around. 
Now I know the classic look is kind of silly. It was silly back in the 70s and it's silly now. What I would like is a new look for him but a sort of mesh between him then and him now. I like the yellow jacket. Or was it a shirt? Well the yellow makes him stand out. Why not give him a yellow jacket and maybe a white t-shirt? Take away the metal headband and maybe make it a pair of metalic silver shades. He can wear them on his forehead and when he wants to look cool he pulls them down over his eyes. 
The chain has to go. It makes me think of Ghost Rider and other superheroes with chains. But I think he should have a belt. Maybe a belt with a huge buckle. Across it he could have the words Powerman written on it. Also I've seen his with four finger links. They had his name on the front. Luke on his right hand and Cage on the other. I don't remember if they did this in the comics but it would be cool for him to punch somebody and leaves his name bruised on their skin. It would be a street thing. Now every one would know who beat that guy up. His name would be branded on him for a while. 
And bring back the afro. It doesn't have to be Angela Davis big but the fro is so him. I don't like the bald head. And the sideburns. Bring them back as well.   Maybe a soul patch would be a cool addition. One of his character traits is that he thinks he's really fashionable but he's not. But then again he's so cool he can pull off some bad looking outfits. Hey I don't know anything about fashion or style but I do know he needs a look that makes him recognizable. One that makes anyone, even the casual reader or non-reader, say hey that's Luke Cage. It's better than them saying who's that black guy hanging out with the Fantastic Four?
While I'm talking about Luke Cage, I wish they would bring back the character Diamondback. Luke needs an arch foe and he seemed the best candidate. I know he died in like issue 2 of Luke Cage Hero for Hire but it's a comic book--does anyone really die? I say bring him back, give him some upgrades and have them go at it. I want to see a new Luke Cage series. I like the Luke Cage noir but it's not the Luke Cage I know and love. I mean if I had my way I would go back to his Hero for Hire days.  Sorry but I'm not into him marrying  Jessica Jones and having a kid. I have no problem with interracial coupling, I'm a product of it myself, but I never saw it with Luke. Maybe he might have the occasional fling with a white girl but I can't see him settling down with one. It doesn't seem true to his character. 
And I'm all in favor of a Luke Cage movie. Not sure I want Tyrese Gibson to play the big man. He doesn't have the size and his voice doesn't sound right. I can't imagine him saying Sweet Christmas and pulling it off. Does he even say Sweet Christmas anymore? They changed him around so much I don't even know who he is anymore. Bad enough I can't identify him visually. I played that game Ultimate Alliance, the first one, and I had no idea who he was. He looked stupid running around with Spiderman and Thor. If he's going to be a superhero he should look like one. I'm hoping if and when they make the movie they have him look like Luke Cage.  He should be tall, big and scary looking. Like a dude you don't even want to see in daylight. But of course he's the nicest guy you'd ever meet.
No matter how they stylize him I say keep the yellow jacket. I think a big black dude walking through Harlem wearing a yellow coat is a scary idea. You have to picture it in your mind for more than a minute. Think about it. He's either wearing it because he can't afford anything else or he wants someone to say something about it just so he can pop them in the mouth. I'd say both statements are true. And it sounds like Luke Cage to me.