Superman/Batman: Public Enemies (My Review)

I'm not going into an in dept criticism and i promise no real spoilers. I really liked this movie. I think it might be the best DC animated film so far. I loved the animation and the voice acting. Clancy Brown is Lex Luthor. He gives him such a presence of menace but likability. My only problem is the movie is short. It's only an hour. It leaves you wanting more. Especially when other superheroes and supervillains start showing up. You asks, where is this one and where is that one? It would have been cool for an all out DCU presentation. Another problem I had and it's minor. Okay Superman is hit by someone and thrown backwards about thirty feet. Batman is hit by that same person and thrown thirty feet.  Um, why isn't Batman dead? If someone is strong enough to hit Superman then Batman should be dead if hit by that same person. It's like in video games where Superman takes as many hits as Batman and has a relative strength level. People have to think about this stuff when putting it together. Superman is ten times maybe even a hundred times stronger that Batman. Superman is nearly invincible. Batman is a mortal man and will die like you and I would die if taking the same assault as Superman. Now I may  be wrong about the movie but it seemed like Batman was walking away from some fights he should have been seriously injured by. Other than that, it's a fun movie with plenty of action. I love Amanda Waller and glad they included her. The kiss kind of creep me out. I'd watched it again and I recommend it. Hope you enjoy as well.

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