Aquaman Wallpaper

today my boss made me take down my Aquaman Wallpaper. Not because it was Aquaman but as he put it, "This is a professional enviroment and we must look professional". Okay. Well take down those pictures of your wife and family.  They don't look very professional to me. Now normally I would question why but I didn't really wnat to get into a whole big thing. It was actually a rather nice picture. Aquaman was swimming through the ocean surrounded by jellyfish. I think the problem was my boss had no idea what he was looking at and thought if somebody else saw it they may object to it. He's a company man and he knows exactly where to place his nose. I on the other hand can't stand this job and this has become one more reason I wish to get out of there. I was wondering has anyone else had an experience like this where they were told to remove their superhero apparrel from work?