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Incorrectly advertised and horribly written 0

When I saw the cover to this issue I was afraid it would turn into a Playboy comic seeing as to how over sexualized the cover was. After actually reading it I realized that the main audience is none other than preteen or teen girls by the looks of the things. I think they should have simply had an illustrated cover similar to the artwork in the comic to let the reader know what they’re in for. The story is that a photographer girl named Alexis tries to take pictures of a meteorite but ends up ge...

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Mediocre writing with a lot of good suspense 0

In this final issue we have Kim being tortured by the Hewitt family and Agent Henkle becoming the drugged “lover” of one of the family members. Agent Baines manages to come in and hold the family hostage with a grenade but the question is who will survive and who will escape, if anyone? Most of the films either had a sole survivor or no survivors so I wondered what would happen here and I was content with what I got. The action is heavy here and as the story nears its conclusion more and more p...

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Probably better in trade paperback 0

This is the start of a new five issue mini-series about vampires and agent Simon Anders of the B.P.R.D. Anders has been becoming more and more angry lately as he says that he is changing (presumably into a vampire) and in addition vampires are running amok killing large amounts of people for their goddess. This issue is much more about the emotions and ideas than the plot itself which is apparent in what happens here as well as the minimal use of dialogue. The artwork is bothersome to me with a ...

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Good characters, setting, and atmosphere but a mediocre story 1

This new Green Hornet series takes place in 1941 as Britt Reid is the owner of the Daily Sentinel newspaper. He also happens to fight crime as the Green Hornet with his sidekick Kato as they try and give off the impression that they are criminals themselves. I really like that the story is a period piece rather than a modern retelling which we often get with things like this. The story of this issue is related to corruption with the governor but I won’t spoil anymore of it than that. It is simpl...

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Not for everyone, but a masterpiece for those who can wrap their head around it 0

Deciding to jump onto a new series I picked this one up. It is basically a mix of the futuristic apocalyptic genre and the western genre. The story is very difficult to describe as it has this really surreal atmosphere to the whole thing. Basically most of the human race was wiped out in the early 1900s and the factions of the Civil War still divide the country, along with various other factions. The lore is very detailed and engaging and in the present day we have beings from Hell hunting down ...

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Writers seem to be upping their game 0

When coming into this issue it really caught me by surprise, in a good way. Here the action and the story meet up in just the right way. Agent Hooper tries to arrest a few of the Hewitt family members in a really emotional scene and agent Baines gets injured in his battle with Leatherface and must work with the news reporter Kim to try and rescue the other agents. Everyone is proactive here and the characters are much more likeable this time around. There is a weird sex scene that goes on in thi...

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Good action, lack of character depth 0

There is something about this series which never really works for me. I asked for more action and this is issue is packed full of it but even then I’m not really content. Basically the FBI take charge here as they finally get into the action and start taking out the Hewitt family. FBI agent Baines is becoming the most interesting character here as he attempts to avenge his niece Pepper. There is a great chainsaw battle in this issue as well which was cool but even so I wasn’t able to get investe...

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Starting to have potential 0

Here is an issue which is a lot more like your typical slasher film than you would expect. The FBI members are arguing about whether to go take out the Hewitt family or not since they don’t have reinforcements. The characters are thankfully getting a little more interesting here but after reading half of this series I really hoped that the FBI agents would have done something by now. So far all they’ve done is looked around and argued about what they’re going to do about it. On the other hand we...

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Too decompressed of a series 0

After what was mostly a setup issue I was much more excited to check this second one out. Basically the FBI members discover that the Hewitt family of serial killers is still active and try to decide what to do from there. In addition, a few people from a news station start investigating and one of them gets kidnapped by the family themselves. The storyline is developing quite slowly but I can feel the action mounting already. The storyline is alright but the FBI characters are very plain while ...

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Excellent introduction to the series. 0

This issue is basically the origin story for Star-Lord who is the leader in the new Guardians of the Galaxy series. So basically a spaceship crashes down in the middle of nowhere and the space man and earth woman start to bond. They get “romantic” together shortly before he leaves off into space, leaving her pregnant. Most of the issue takes place when that child, Peter, is ten years old and follows his journey to becoming Star-Lord. I think that this is a very good issue for those of us who wou...

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Boring Setup Issue 0

Here is the start of a short lived ongoing series which is meant to basically be a sequel to the 2003 film remake. It takes in 1974 which is one year after the film’s setting and basically follows a couple of members of the FBI who have to go to Fuller, Texas and investigate what happened and why the killers are still on the loose. This first episode is mostly setup with the only real action being at the beginning of the issue. The artwork is gory and disturbing but also quite detailed which I r...

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Great science fiction. 0

With this being the first Guardians of the Galaxy book that I have ever read I didn’t know what to expect. What I got was some superhero action mixed in with a heavy dose of science fiction. In this issue Star-Lord’s father is the king of a large area of the galaxy and he says that earth has become off limits to everybody so it has the ability to “grow”. Star-Lord and the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy go there and see it being attacked since it is left defenseless. They run into Iron Man t...

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