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Why Simon Why..Aka..Curse you Bendis!! 0

So it is no secret I am a old school comic book fan. I make no apologies for this as I am almost 40 yrs old, and have been blessed enough to see some of the greatest story lines and comic book events first hand.And this is why I may come across as the "Old Man" in regards to what I want to see and wish happens to my favorite comic characters. So please do not get my stance twisted when I say "get back to the roots" of a character. But this does not mean I am against change, in fact if their is n...

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Welcome To Gotham Please Don't Feed The Inmates 1

Jenkins and Finch step up to the plate and hit grand slam with their contribution to the new DCU!The Good StuffIt has been my long standing view that any good batman story starts and end with the right artist. As one of the most visually stunning characters in comics, it is critical to portray Batman as what he is, a Dark Avenger of Justice and as such he should look as menacing and bold as the city he protects and the villains he fights.So I was truly delighted to see Finch truly capturing what...

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Francis and Barry Hit the Ground Running! 0

Lightning Strikes BackThe Flash races back lead the charge of the new DCU! Francis Manapul pens the tale of Barry Allen reuniting with a friend from his past that has a mysterious secret that will push Barry to his limitsWhy Buy the BookAdmit it, your curious if you could afford to buy 52 comics a month this would not be a big deal. But 52 first issues of a brand new direction of a powerhouse publisher in DC. With a iconic character like The Flash how could you not pick this up?As mentioned Fran...

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Worlds Collide...Lil Pop 1

Well it is about time! For my chunk of change I have always believe the Children of the Atom have been split apart from the other marvels of the MU for too long. To me I have always dared to dream that Xavier and his crew would embrace their super heroic sides a bit more then have been displayed in years past.  And in turn I have to admit I have not been a regular X-reader since the X-men 100 debacle, to many new directions, new costumes for my taste and never been back That being said I had no ...

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So NOT Awesomesauce! 0

SO another great idea comes crashing down to the ground. I am sure most of you when the idea of the Allies were first presented we collectively said...WHAT THE HELL? And on face value the team all seemed to be random and had no reason to be on the same team. But the characters did share a common need to belong to something and the desire to make the most of what they have. Some characters were looking to redefine themselves as heroes, others were looking for kindred spirits. In the end the Young...

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