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Rebirth Under Fire! 6

  If you are a fan of Venom, and you have been waiting for Venom to get his own title, then you need to buy this book, but first you MUST get Amazing Spider-Man 654.1. 'nuff said.OverviewPost Siege Story arc, the US Government now controls the alien Venom symbiote. Not wanting to waste an excellent weapon, the Venom suit is now a tool of military black ops. The current man inside the suit is Eugene "Flash" Tompson, long time friend and rival of Peter Parker. The StoryThe first issue hits the...

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The End of the Fantastic Four? 4

If you can't tell already, I am a huge fan of the Fantastic Four. I have read all 588 issues to be brought to this "final" issue.  Wow.  Let me say that again, Wow.  Where do I start?  The art. As with many many "death of..." stories, there is no room for words. In a very classy manner, the art says all the things that words cannot. The images of Ben Grimm showing his complete devastation over the loss of his best friend brought me to tears.  Ben's Grief Seeing each member of the family wor...

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