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Black Panther Video Due out in Jan 18th

Deep in the heart of Africa lies Wakanda, an advanced and unconquerable civilization. A family of warrior kings possessing superior speed, strength and agility has governed this mysterious nation as long as time itself. The latest in this famed line is young King T’Challa, the great hero known worldwide as the Black Panther.

Now, outsiders once again threaten to invade and plunder Wakanda. Leading this brutal assault is Klaw, a deadly assassin with the blood of T’Challa’s murdered father on his hands, who brings with him a strong army of super-powered mercenaries. Even with Wakanda’s might and his own superhuman skills, can the Black Panther prevail against this deadly invading force? 

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How much is the complete DIT DVD's of Marvel Comics worth?

When I found the DIT DVD's I though "This is great, they should do the whole marvel world!"  
Well they didn't. They only did: 
Fantastic Four
Iron man
Captain America
Ghost Rider
House of M
Civil War
Star Trek
Ultimate X-Men
All issues through 2004.  At that point Marvel pulled the plug on DIT's licence, and decided to go with online digital releases.  
Looking recently, I saw the Avengers DVD listed for $400, when the original selling price was $44.  Any idea what my whole set might be worth?

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