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2010 Year end Comic book sales totals by title. Who was hot?

Earlier today the 2010 comic sales were posted and with a little effort I have transferred the data into a data base I can manipulate.  The full article can be found here:
I was asked to work up some numbers on sales, so I am posting what I was asked about. If you have a request, PM me and I will get you the numbers you are looking for. I am not planning to work up every title. 
Avengers 773,627 issues
Captain America 651,456 issues
Batman Return of Bruce Wayne  575,835 issues
Fantastic Four sales  498,210 issues
Superman 498,067 issues
Hulk 483,202 issues
X Men 462,270 issues
Superman Batman 431,624 issues
Thunderbolts 393,792 issues
X Force 355,509 issues
Walking Dead 298,763 issues
Wonder Woman 265,057 issues
Supergirl 256,759 Issues
Wolverine Origins 254,267 issues

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