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Rodimus' Attack on the Decepticons 0

The basic idea behind this issue is that Rodimus attacks the Decepticon base on his own. He had stolen Ultra Magnus' ship and flew right to their base and let the ship get shot down while he hid in the armory made of an osmium alloy, protecting him in the crash. He manages to use the weapons in the armory to take out the Decepticons as they go through the wreckage of the ship and manages to take the Matrix of Leadership from Starscream. His attack was going much better than expected and it seeme...

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Mongul's Debut 0

A basic summary of the story in this issue is that Mongul makes his first appearance and he tells Superman to obtain a crystal key for him or he'll kill three of his friends who he had captured. Superman is then forced to go all the way to a planet near New Mars - the home of the Martian Manhunter - to find the key. As he gets there, J'onn appears and tells him all about the key and how it will activate Warworld which can then wreak havoc throughout the universe. Despite this warning, Superman s...

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Spike Witwicky 1

This issue primarily focuses on Spike Witwicky. It tells more about his past, his attitude, and overall develops his character. We see that he was more of an outdoors kid when he was younger and didn't learn much in school other than how to fight which has helped him since he has joined Skywatch. We see him training, how he feels about the men under his command, how he feels about his job. Near the end of the issue, we see him take on Scrapper on his own which was pretty cool though I feel Scrap...

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Ironhide on Cybertron 0

This issue was pretty good, but felt kind of short. We see Ironhide is alive again and has somehow ended up on Cybertron. He tries to find if anyone else is alive while recalling events that occurred at certain sites such as the big races that were held back on Cybertron in which Ironhide worked as a security guard. He remembers how a bot tried to shoot one of the racers - Drag Strip - claiming he was in league with Megatron but Ironhide stopped him and didn't listen to anything the bot said abo...

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What Happened to Ironhide 0

The issue begins with an event that transpired 4 million years ago on Cybertron. The Autobots were trying to stop a team of Decepticons from delivering a shipment of energon which would have meant that part of Cybertron would belong to the Decepticons. In the middle of the battle, Optimus seemingly goes on his own to stop the shipment but is ambushed by Soundwave and Rumble. Luckily, Ironhide comes to his aid and with his help he manages to arrest the 5 Decepticons delivering the shipment. They ...

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Not the Best Conclusion 0

The Identity Crisis storyline started out good and had me hooked for a while. It kept me wondering who was responsible for murdering loved ones of heroes. They first believe that Dr. Light is behind the murder of Sue Dibney, wife of the Elongated Man, but as the story progresses, they realize it wasn't him. Soon, they get more and more suspects but none of them turn out to be the culprits either. At one point, Jean Loring, ex-wife of the Atom was almost killed but the Atom came and saved her. Lo...

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