Sometimes, the designs for the movie does go better because not all comic book character appearances would look good in live action, but sometimes it would and it should be kept that way instead of being changed. In terms of character, it should be like the comics for the most part with only very minor changes at most.

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Quite a few

Invincible NEEDS his own show. Deadpool and Sentry should appear in a cartoon as well. I would list more, but I am tired at the moment. I might edit this blog later to fill it in.


A really annoying DBZ fanboy

Okay, just so you know, I am a fan of DBZ and I've liked it for a long time, but if there's anything I hate it's the retarded DBZ fanboys who think Goku can beat anyone and there's no one stronger. The main reason I'm making this blog is because of a really retarded DBZ fanboy named Randumo or something like that who keeps on thinking that Goku beats Superman and claims he's using facts and truth. I haven't really been participating much in that thread, but I have been observing and to be honest, the Superman side has been owning that guy so much it's not even funny. All he does is continue to make up crap and revive the thread only to get owned again and again. I really hope he just gives up eventually. I'm sick of seeing DBZ fanboys come and say that no one can beat anyone from DBZ and they're the most powerful characters ever made when there are easily hundreds of comic book characters I can think of that could easily beat Goku. I would list them, but I'm too lazy right now to even write anymore about this.



Not too sure whether or not I would even get it if it's not good. It can be the rarest thing in the world, but if it doesn't do what a comic is supposed to do, ie. entertain me, then it's not worth crap. For how rare it is, it better be good.

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Superman, Thor

Thor's is really good considering he can stamp his hammer and he will look nothing like Thor in his disguise of Don Blake. Superman's is interesting because he does not need a mask to hide his identity - he uses hypnosis because he actually has a certain level of being able to hypnotize people - not enough to make people his slaves, but enough to make people think Clark and Superman don't look anything like each other. Yes, I may have just killed the whole joke with Superman putting on glasses and no one recognizing him anymore.

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