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Hulk vs Superman: Who would win in a fight.

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Hulk (Savage Hulk/Doc Green)Superman (New 52)
Height: 7' (as Savage Hulk)Height: 6'3"
Weight: 1,040 lbsWeight: 235 lbs (107 Kg)

For this battle I will analyse their abilities, powers and feats and then will determine the winner for the battle.

And for those of you don't know who Doc Green is Doc Green Opens His Gamma-Powered Practice in Duggan's "Hulk" - Comic Book Resources

Strength lv

Power Lifting

Hulk or Doc Green

Though at the contrary of people like to believe Hulk is one of the physically strongest beings in the fictional world.
  • 1 Hulk is not actually lifting it but fighting the power to change the orbit of a planet.
  • 2-4 He didn't actually lifted the Celestial Exitar what he did was stop his fall to the earth using Dr. Doom's machine until it explode, Hulk didn't actually fail Dr Doom's machine broke. (Exitar was almost as big as the earth.
  • 5 Fight the weight of a star.
  • 6 While weakened and unable to become stronger Hulk lifted a 25 billions ton mountains.
  • 7 While weakened Hulk lifted and fixed the Sakaar's tectonic plates, the planet is 1/3 bigger than Earth.


Though this version of Superman only has 4 years of appearance he already has some pretty good holding, lifting or moving feats.
  • 1-3 Superman lift the mass of the earth essentially 5.972 Sextillion metric tons.
  • 4-5 Moving battle world intro the phantom zone a planet nearly as big as Mercury.
  • 6-9 With the help of Martian Manhunter he moved Brainiac's mother ship.

After all this we can say that what this two characters can hold is incredible but as we can only pick one to be the strongest Hulk takes it. Now before you guys star raging hear me out:

Superman's greatest lift/moving feat is Brainiac's ship but as big as that ship is, is not nearly as big or heavy as a star. Hulk hold essentially that in Infinity 5 in his battle with Midnight and Corvus and he was still standing.

Striking Power


  • 1-2 One-Shot Thor
  • 3 Create a earthquake all over the US.
  • 4 His collision with Hyperion created a earthquake so big that scientist couldn't believe what they were seeing.
  • 5-6 Hurt Hyperion twice and drag blood from him. Take in consideration Hyperion tanked a the destruction of TWO universes without any kind of damage and SURVIVED in the void of nothingness.

When asked Hickman about this feat he confirmed it.

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  • 7 Pounds Emma Frost while possessing 1/2 part of the Phoenix Force into the ocean.
  • 8 In his battle with another Hulk he created earthquakes all over the planet and though he lost that battle that Hulk's rage was being controlled by Captain America.


  • 1 Punches Mongul out 200 miles into the sea.
  • 2-3 When he let himself go all out he punched so hard he was shaking the entire Earth in the orbit.
  • I don't have the scan right now but Superman punched lobo out of the planet in this video SUPERMAN vs. LOBO - YouTube
  • And when i find the scan i will post it but Superman can deliver punches that can also topple the planet out of his Orbit. (if anyone happen to have it or know the issue please tell me or send it to me and i will gladly post it).

In this also a little close Hulk would take it. Why? well though Superman has the power to topple the planet out of his orbit that is something Hulk could do even before his current lv.

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And for those who believe this wrong well here is Hulk without Banner and without actually going all out creating 5.6 earthquakes all over the planet and people were believing someone was actually detonating bombs on the Earth's Mantle

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Not to mention the feat of Hyperion and Thor was one that he did without actually being enraged, Proof of this is after the woman that was controlling him lose all power over him he reverted back to Banner.



  • 1 Hawkeye's arrows don't penetrate Hulk's eyes.
  • 2 Ares' spear can't penetrate Hulk's skin.
  • 3 Banner attack Hulk with various weapons that Hulk tanks easily.
  • 4 Breaks from a adamantium fishhook and he had just transformed.
  • 5 Fall from the Moon and end up without any damage (he is actually happy in that moment.
  • 6 He completely no-sells a speeding subway train to the face.
  • 7 He had just transformed into the Hulk and Adamantium bullets can't penetrate his skin.
  • 8 He was in one of his happier moments of his life and tank a planet destroying explosion without any real damage.


  • 1-3 While weakened took a nuclear Explosion
  • 4-5 Took a hit that land him in Europe.
  • 6 Claim to have tanked a Exploding Sun before.
  • 7 Tank a nuke with kryptonite.
  • 8-10 Survive multiple bullets of Black Holes.
  • 11-12 Survive a magic blast (thing that said never by other that is something never had happened before).

So after all this we can easily say that Superman has way more durability than Hulk by feats mostly bc of the black holes bullets remember a Black Hole as big as baseball ball could easily destroy the Earth and to know how much power does a normal black hole posseses you can redirect to this link.



Though Hulk doesn't have too many speed feats he can easily go and react really fast taking inconsideration Hulk's own size.
  • 1 React to a laser and proceed to blitz.
  • 2 Run faster than a aircraft.
  • 3 Bitch slap quicksilver with zero problem while quicksilver was running quite fast.
  • 4 He can move as fast as Mjolnir with zero problem, take in consideration that same Mjolnir is from a young Thor from the time he was going all out.
  • 5 Blitz Fin Fan Foom.
  • 6 He can easily see and follow up a full speed Silver Surfer.
  • 7 React to a full speed Sentry.
  • 8 Blitz three cowboys that were moving too fast for the eye to see and were shooting so fast that people though they were using Machine Guns.


  • 1-2 Travel from Pluto to earth in a manner of seconds.
  • 3 Travel from earth to space in seconds.
  • 4-7 Learn 10 years of study for a normal person in less than 5 minutes.
  • 8 Travel from his house to the park in half a instant.
  • 9 Faster than light.
  • 10-11 Tag Flash something none had done before.
  • Flight fast enough to create a vortex.

So after all this we can easily say Superman takes this one as well. Having the abilities to process 10 years of study in 5 seconds, being able to travel and move many times the speed of light is not something Hulk can do as easy as Superman.

Battle Skills and Tactics


Hulk has some battle skills that he uses and engage on battle, and besides his own physical strength Hulk has on his arsenal a thunderclap

  • Easily destroys Tony stark's mansion.
  • Sends Hercules flying
  • 2-3 Destroys a dimension with his thunderclap.
  • Leave Skaar deaf.


Just as Hulk superman doesn't just rely on his physical power, he posses a variety of skills to use in battle.

Variety of visions
  • Heat Vision
  • Microwave vision
  • X-ray vision and Gamma spectrum vision.
  • Can freeze even intangible people
  • tanks his own heat vision and process to freeze

Superman's sense are all incredible high to the point where it can be used as a invisible radar

  • he can hear the entire world
  • smell metal
  • and use his enchanted sense as a guardian to everything that is around him.

The Battle

To determine the winner of this two we need to understand first

Does Hulk's strength is enough to hurt Superman?

As sure you saw and compare Hulk packs enough strength to hurt and even knock Superman though it won't be instantaneously but Hulk has enough power to overpower Superman in a contest of strength

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as he did with Hyperion a being that hold two Universes.

Does Superman can hurt Hulk?

Yeah he can easily Hurt Superman, from there to actually knock him out and leave him out of the fight is another thing. Hulk has fought with people just as strong as he is and taken hit from them without even dropping blood there is no question in that Superman could hurt Hulk but there to actually leave him out of combat is different.

Does Hulk can tag Superman?

Definitely yes, Superman may move react and think many times the speed of light but those feats are not something he uses in battle. In fact Superman travel really fast and can think to many times Hulk can't even dream of reaching. But in battle that's very different. People fast as light are something that Hulk constantly fight against such as Hyperion, Sentry, Quick Silver, Silver Surfer, Sun God and Gladiator.

Which of this two is more affected by the other's abilities?

Well for that we need to star for the Thunder Clap.

Superman's super hearing is as much a weakness as it is a Superpower for him. Hulk has been able to constantly affect people by attacks like Thunderclap that doesn't have nearly the same super hearing as Superman does. If Superman gets tagged by Hulk's thunderclap Superman will be let by so much pain that it will give Hulk the chance he need to knock Superman out cold. Not to mention though Superman's own thunderclap may be a good range of attack is not something Hulk can't tank without problems.

Superman's hear vision.

Truly is not something i believe will affect much the Hulk i mean Hulk gets constantly attacked by that kind of abilities that even while weakened he overpowered Gladiator's heat vision and tanked Hyperion's heat vision that has knocked Thorr.

Not to mention he gets constantly attacked by fire type of attacks just as hot as Superman's.

Superman's Super breathe.

There is no doubt that Superman's super breathe is something he constantly uses in battle but the question is does Superman's cold breath can do something to Hulk? Certainly no. Hulk has been exposed to literally zero absolute and he has been fine.

literally Superman's powers are useless against Hulk except the thunderclap that is not something that can cause too much of damage to literally none as remember Hulk increases his strength and durability with his rage.

What about sending Hulk into space?

Is certainly a good form of fighting against Hulk but is useless as well why? well for the simple reason Hulk doesn't always needs to breath to survive

and certainly his regeneration and his own mutation is something that give him a great advantage in this battle.

So in a battle of this two the only real thing to do is go all out in a all brawl. And this is where the battle is going to be deside. They both have battled with Superman-like beings or Hulk-like beings and they have both won or lose. Though determinate a winner by this battles is wrong since saying Superman should win bc Hulk got defeated by Sun God (take in consideration Hulk was actually weakened in that battle)

is like saying Hulk would win bc Superman was being owned by Doomsday (Doomsday's venom was actually killing him and weakening him during the battle).

Not to mention Hulk later on overpowered Hyperion

So reading and analyzing their feats and their limits the winner would be...


the reason I give him this is for the ones already specified. Superman's variety of abilities won't be just hardly work on the Hulk, and Hulk being stronger than Superman won't help the case. Superman actually has no means to put Hulk down for good. Not to mention the quality in their characters. While enraged Superman will try to knock their enemies and go all out as seen in different occasion he also depletes his solar energies stored in the battle and gets tired and weakened while Hulk actually becomes stronger during the battle, Hulk also like to fight stronger opponents.

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the stronger a opponent is the more eager the Hulk is to star fighting them. and after a battle with the general Ross where Doc Green embraced the fact he was the Hulk he star to enjoying himself in the battles to finally fight back and stop holding back.

Finally accepting once and for all who he truly is

And the fact he actually control his rage helps him in this fight as well.

So for this and all the winner is

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Thor vs Superman (JLA/Avengers)

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So Thor vs Superman a battle that keeps going and going without never stops and today i would like to talk about Post Crisis Superman vs Thor. People keep talking and saying things like "Thor wins thanks to magic", "Superman is too fast for him" etc. but I would like to know what is that DC and Marvel think about this.

As I can't get this people into a room and talks to them I would do it by JLA/Avengers one of my favorite crossovers of all time.


The crossover begins with Krona a scientific that was going Universe by Universe trying to discover the beginning of everything he has already destroyed Earth Three (Crime Syndicate) and Earth 715 (Thundra's home universe). After destroying this universe Krona steps into 616 and is confronted by Grand Master, GM proposes a game in that if he wins Krona will spare his universe. And this is where both earth cross where GM tells the JLA the big news and Metron tells the Avengers. The JLA went to 616 universe where they find very different from theirs this is their reaction:

This both teams have very different forms of do the stuff while Avengers prefer to go by the book and serve the law and freedom JLA puts Justice before anything else. DC is a universe of black and white while Marvel is a gray universe (if you know what i mean).

Round 1

After Avengers go to DC Universe this is what happens:

Cap calls them (JLA) fascist for the way JLA does the things and receiving credits for it, Superman tells them to comes quietly for "interrogation". Thor doesn't like the idea and answer Superman with a Hammer Time to the face. Now why does Superman being many times faster than light does not evade this, well because Thor attack him by surprise, the chapter ends there and in the second comic Superman and Martian Manhunter teams up and send flying Thor, Thor answers with a lightning and knocks Martian Manhunter, then Wonder Woman steps into the fight, they are interrupted by Scarlet Witch and knocks them all down and when Thor and Superman where going to have a collision She teleports everybody. Now people may say how the Hell Superman survive Mjolnirg to the face? well for two reasons.

Thor holds back when using Mjolnirg.

And Superman has a insane durability

For those who haven't paying attention up to now Superman is really mad,

And with all reasons I mean who wouldn't be after all if some people are fighting against me to destroy the universe to save them I would be as well. After all they continue the game and after confronting Darkseid they are all teleported to 616 earth.

Round 2

After one of the most savage fights in story Superman stands victorious and really tired, this is seen when the avengers beat the hell out of him. Later they team up with the bady and GM change reality with the cosmic cube.

Now. What is wrong with this up to now? Nothing the fight was as close as we will get giving the circumstances, Superman was going for blood and Thor was in character. Now isn't suppose a dude that can lift Yggdrasil, the world engine and the nine realms at the same time be stronger than Superman yeah but that would be in a lifting contest and this is a fight. And isn't Superman suppose to be way faster than Thor? true but Thor can compensate with Mjolnirg and his reflexes. If you follow both comics you would know that Thor is fast as well, fast enough to knock a dude and catch a out of control Mjolnirg going to the only point where Thor can't see, and thanks to Mjolnirg he has been capable to fight opponents like Silver Surfer, Hyperion, Sentry and Gladiator. And Thor has been stopped in comics before by beings with symilar strength to Superman.

Now the problem in this for most Thor fans is that Thor loses and they don't like it and don't want to accept it as canon well guess what is canon for DC. And I don't even know what is your problem if you actually read the comic:

And later while all of them preparing them self for the final fight Thor says to Aquaman how exited he was to see both teams fight together and if you would read this is what he says.

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Now you may think this is him acting and saying he is strong, well no.

And this is shown better when Superman holds Thor's hammer.

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He says that he didn't even imagine how much power there was. Now before anyone says it, is Superman worthy? The answer is simple and is NO! a big fat no, why? for the next reason.

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Superman holds the hammer bc Odin allows it so they can save the Universe. Now from all this we can say a fight of Post Crisis Superman vs 616 Thor would be the winner. For the next reasons:

  • This crossover in the first encounter where Thor was angry he fought Superman, Martian Manhunter and Wonder Woman and was perfectly fine we could even say he was winning.
  • In the second fight Superman was going for the kill while Thor wasn't going all out hell he didn't even use lightnings.
  • Superman openly admits that he won by a hair and Thor didn't even go all out.

So after all this we can conclude that if both (Post Crisis Superman and 616 Thor) were going to fight in the same conditions Thor would end victorious.

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The reasons i give him his is because Thor against mortals only uses 1/3 of all his real power even if that means he is going to lose. But take his arrogance, his feelings towards humanity and make him go for blood and better get the hell out of his way. ex: Blood and Thunder (he clean up the floor with Silver Surfer, Beta Ray Bill, the infinity watch), his encounter with Iron-man when he was revived, and the saga when he become ruler of earth, hell two big examples of what would happen if Thor goes for blood is Fear Itself where Thor nearly killed Green Scar and Thing while he was still wounded and heck was destroying a planet with his shock waves only (people like to believe all this is bc of the Odin Force but truly the Odin Force just amplified his cosmic abilities like the use of his GodBlast and all times of magic we saw him doing. Hell I did truly confirm this in God of Thunder Saga where Hero Thor, King Thor and Prince Thor were almost equal in his fights, and after that when King Thor had already burned all of the Odinforce (when he revived Hero Thor) and stalemate with Galactus (he won bc of the Black Sword). There is more of Thor than people like to believe. Yet Superman is really powerful as well he can destroy planets and moons with the infinity mass punch going light years or more. Handling Ultraman and Superwoman with his fighting skills stopping a black hole with his static electricity, obliterating a tornado with applause only, incinerating a planet in staring contest. and there is more but the problem of all would be his fucking vulnerability to magic, the fact that he has been hurt by electricity before and the fact that he can be hurt by punches from super strong beings like doomsday. Against Thor he is fighting magic, brute force and lightning at the same time, if they both go all out Thor would end as the winner in a random encounter with both in characters would be a more hard to determine. But going all out I really doubt that Superman has the power to take Thor down.