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My Friday The 13th Movie List Best to Worst.

So after going through the Friday the 13th series I decided to create a list with my rankings for each movies from best to worst. Jason is my favorite horror slasher.

There is certainly more good than bad in the series as the majority of the films are good.

The list maybe subject to change in terms of the order of things but for now here it is!

Recently edited it and put Part 4 up one place.

List items

  • e. Fantastic film overall Jason was just brutal here. Nicely done.A good addition and the practical effects for the machete through the head was very well done.

  • Great kills,first time we see zombie Jason,also interesting to see him take on Tommy Jarvis.

  • Very good and suspenseful,memorable deaths and the first time Jason puts on the hockey mask.And I really like Jason in this as well in terms of his look and the way he moves.

  • Brilliantly done,great music adds an amount of creepiness with the shrine with his moms decapitated head.

  • The one that started it all.An obvious classic.

    Kill her mommy! Kill her!

  • I actually quite liked this one,it was interesting to see it go with a different storyline with a copycat killer.Whilst not the best movie in the franchise it is by no means the worst.

  • This is where the series really started to go down hill.It wasn't ridiculously terrible but by no means was it good either.It was alright,Kane Hodder did a good job though I don't like the design for Jason.And the psychic idea was stupid it also took the threatening aspect for Jason away.Big mistake.

  • Not a great film but the fight scenes were well done.I mean what were people expecting exactly? It has the title Freddy vs Jason :) Its not really a Jason movie but its nice we actually got this movie even though its not great.

  • The re make.It lacked suspense completely.The deaths were quite good.And I liked Jason in it overall.But it doesn't have a patch on the originals.And like alot of remakes it suffers from its unoriginality.

  • Oh dear I really have no idea why,I mean what happened to Jason between part 8 and this one? Possession? a magic dagger? Voorhees family? The only reason this one ranks here is because it gets worse.

  • I don't know what they were thinking actually they probably weren't.A brain of a dinosaur? Seriously?

  • Okay so part 7 was when things started to sink and part 8 is when things have sunk.And that is actually quite a good analogy for it since most of the film is set on a ship.Only around the last twenty minutes does he get there and it really is crap.And the number of plot problems and inconsistencies I could go on.

    The last three movies on this list could really be arranged in any order of how bad they are,its just the amount of holes in this movie and the false title it is just utter crap.