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Okay so I put the links for my reviews in my other blog (My Library : ) But I did originally set that up for my fan fics but whilst I was editing I realized that it could get rather messy. So I have decided to create a dedicated blog for my reviews.

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So I thought I would post a thread with all the stories and threads I have written so far,just so I can keep track of them. Every time I post a new story it will also go on here.


After Gotham City is struck by the outbreak of a mysterious virus the people,heroes and villains take to trying to survive the even more hostile city.

Villainous Villains

My perspective,thoughts and opinions on some of my favorite villains and maybe even some on which I think are underrated from various forms of fiction.

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Set before the Great War between the Autobots and Decepticons chronicling the origins of the Decepticons told from the founders perspective.

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My contribution to Horror Inc with my own take on everyone's favourite skin wearing chainsaw wielding maniac

Jason vs Predator Crossover One shot.

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Villainous Villains:Darth Vader

I have decided I will be writing a few blogs on some of my favourite villains from various forms of fiction,I will be writing about my perspective on their character and why I like said character.I thought I would start things off with the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Vader.

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Darth Vader was one of my earliest memories of Star Wars.The first time I saw Darth Vader was when they must of been running the Star Wars movies on TV and as the channels where been flicked threw I caught sight of the scene from A New Hope where he was flying his TIE Advanced at the Battle of Yavin. His iconic helmet voice and dark demeanour instantly captured my interest and imagination.He was instantly recognized as the villain of this universe and seeing him shoot down the Rebels X Wing fighters further confirmed this.Perhaps also seeing him getting shot out into space also did :)

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Also upon seeing Vader for the first time like alot of people who first so him in A New Hope I wasn't quite sure what he exactly was.Was he a robot? An alien? Maybe even a ghost,was there anything under that mask and suit? Obviously I found out the answer later.To wrap my initial point up Darth Vader is what got me interested in Star Wars He captivated my imagination and made me want to know more about the wondrous universe he resides in.And I think he did that for alot of people back at cinemas back in 1977.

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When Vader first appears on screen audiences immediately know this guy is the villain and he means business.

Now Darth Vader is easily one of the most recognized and iconic movie characters in not just movies but all of fiction.First of all his look is iconic and instantly remembered which might not of been possible without artist Ralph Mcquarrie who drew from various inspirations.

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Next up would of course be the voice provided by James Earl Jones and the breathing sound of the respirator.The voice of Vader is very unique and just fits so well for the character in any situation.Have a listen to some quotes for yourself.

The many famous quotes of Vader are always quoted by movie-goers fans and people who just know who he is,ironically probably one of his most famous quotes "No,I Am your farther" is often misquoted as "Luke I am your farther".Or is misquoted in a similar fashion.

Another thing that stands out is his hight and perhaps even his hand gestures since he has no expression in his face he is often seen gesturing his hand to force choke imperials or clench his fists.So up to now I have noted how Vader is not just instantly recognizable but also instantly captures ones interest.In a variety of ways.

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Of course its not just his appearance and physical features that make Vader an interesting villain it is his character.Now in the original trilogy the film is largely about Darth Vader and whilst it might not instantly appear as such it is.As he is probably the character that goes through the most change.

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When we first see him in the first film not much is known about him he just seems to carry out the Empires missions.It is revealed that he betrayed Obi Wan and that he killed Luke's farther.

In the Empire Strikes back Vader is sent to look for the rebel who blew up the death star.After the fateful duel he reveals to Luke that he is his farther.Now another interesting thing about Vader is his relationship with the Emperor.After his duel on Mustafar the Emperor initially planned to later replace Vader due to his severe injuries.Another really interesting aspect to Vader's character is how lonely he seems to be at times and how he seems to be trapped inside his suit of armour in a way closed off.

When Vader finds out he has a son and that the Emperor lied to him its a bit difficult to determine what exactly his thoughts are and where his loyalties lie.As the duel with Luke concludes Vader ask his son to join him and to defeat the Emperor.But the question is does Vader mean what he says here? Or is he trying to turn Luke just as the Emperor instructed him to do so? Another question is that was Vader aware of how the Emperor sought to replace him? In the final duel and up until then he appears to be as loyal to the Emperor as he always had.

The final duel at the end of The Return of the Jedi also shows Vaders redemption the last duel is incredibly well done and shows three characters at some of their finest moments.

Something to make note of is I have not mentioned the prequels that is because I was largely dissatisfied with how Anakin is portrayed and I find Vaders character more interesting than Anakins anyway.

I have rambled on quite a bit and I may not of covered everything regarding Darth Vader but I just thought I would have a crack at writing some of the reasons he is a favourite character of mine and what makes him great. Hope you enjoy reading through it would like to end this blog with a tribute I feel is very fitting to his character.