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The vikingr particle

Open file about the Viking ships for the mars mission.

The Vikingr particle is what allowes the Vikings their slipsace capabilities. The vikingr particle has various uses depending on how it is activated. One effect is that it not only prevents existing gravity but reverses its effect on an object if directed properly and given the appropriate equipment. This is exactly the effect used for the Vikings since it grants infinite speed without the disadvantage of harm for the passenger. The most difficult problem is that it is extremely powerful, it cannot be eased into. It simply jumps to slipspace, having no limits after that as long as it is appropriatly activated.

It has in fact been testing this particle for fifteen years. While it functions more effectively as a slipspace activator its gravity manipulation has been used in the jetwing suit operated by Hunter Reeves, one of the pilots for the mission.

The exact details of the particle are closed as it has extremely dangerous uses that he has refused to reveal as of yet.


This is no something that can be bought or stolen. It is a special item he uses for specific things. I had to think of some reason for slipsace, now I have.

No more information is available to the public other than this file.

I hope nobody else has one of these, that would just be sad for me.

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