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Nth metal generation, part 3

Name: Octavian Winters

Date: January 7, 2016

Subject: Artifficial Nth metal.

Mr Winters Carbonadium sythesizer
Mr Winters Carbonadium sythesizer

Test: I am attempting to create a carbonadium synthesizer. By using a small portion of adamantium I managed to obtain, I am running tests to see different ways of gaining its durability. My intent is to try an assortment of ways to discover the best fit for a radioactive and malleable adamantium, as that's essentially what carbonadium is. My attempts will be to turn different materials into an adamantium substitute, one of them should be what I need. I have a machine designed to put the material through an assortment of chemical concoctions and energy, similar to those which would make something near adamantium (As I do not know the exact process of adamantium, and that is not my end goal, I have not attempted to use the exact process and molecular design of adamantium creation.)

Material #1 (Led): Utter failure! Apparently the process through which I put it makes led an explosive, not deadly, but it releases a rather foul smelling odor and stinging gas the moment it is touched or moved quickly. After several washings I have still not gotten the odor out. WARNING: DO NOT ATTEMPT IN RECREATING THIS! I'm hoping this does not have some sort of disease it will give me, and that it can wash out.

Material #2 (Steel): Partial success. Of course that's also a partial failure. The steel has become more durable, yes. It's also very malleable. The bad results were that it burns to the touch, chemical burn. It has a disadvantage as for some reason it has lost all magnetic potential, and has also lost conductivity. Could still potentially be a good base for armor or weapons. The second test had the same results.

Material #3 (iron): Possible success: The Iron has become incredibly magnetic. I had to tie everything to the ground or walls to make certain it didn't draw them in. It has also become highly durable, not quite as much as I had hoped. I don't have the intention of hitting it with a crane, but it appears a typical wrecking ball swung from a crane would cause damage. I believe though I might be able to manipulate its magnetism for magic disruption, first a second test. Test 2 had different results. The iron completely melted. This is a bit vexing as I had high hopes. Test 3 also varied. Giving me a sort of distorted mass of radioactive mush.

Material #4 (titanium/steel): Success! The results were perfeciton incarnate! High durability near that of Nth or adamantium, conductivity was increased, could store energy, was malleable, could be extremely sharp if I could form it right, and it was highly radioactive! Tests two and three offered exactly the same results, I have found a match! On to the testing for radiation to magic disruption!

ooc: Might add more pictures. But I wanted to make sure it got up.

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