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Not cvnu canon: Anti powers devices

The anti telepath: A device placed on the head or top of the spine this device prevents and attacks telepathic attackers and listening. While it only prevents telepaths from hearing or sensing a persons thoughts it is capable of attacking a telepath attempting any sort of mind or neural manipulation of the user.

Artifficial telekinesis: Only for those Winters Inc considers qualified the artifficial telekinesis is capable of manipulating molecules and their energy by sensing the neural activities in a persons brain and nerves.

Anti empath: Much like the anti telepath in how it works. However this is in fact a spray. As empaths occasionally use the same things that animals use to change the moods of others this rejects those chemichals as well as blocks similar ones. It is also a lot cheaper than the anti telepath device.

Artifficial Nth: Although it took a long time to do Winters recreated a Nth substitute. Holding all the properties of Nth however only slightly less as good, this substitute is cheaper and still effecient against magic weilders. Although it is being sold for the same price as gold pound for pound. Winters Inc also has to qualify consumers for this.

Anti telikinesis: Works much like the artifficial telikinesis. However this is cheaper and works only on the wearer. This is placed across the body and uses telekinesis actively to help the body in most every way, even heat and gravity changes.