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Mr Winters on hand armory

Although he doesn't often need his armory, he knows its profitable to have one.

Future Armor:

Full suit and armor.

AT shoes: All terrarian shoes. Designed with escape and stealth in mind the AT shoes offer stabilized magnetic propulsion, or pull, to allow either enhanced running/jumps or even a sort of flight. They also can suction to pretty much any surface, even slippery ones.

Gloves: Designed to be like the shoes, these also use magnetic propulsion/pull systems and suction. They are mostly meant to add to stabilization during flight, or assist in climbing. However due to the possibility of combat they can also be used to accelerate or stop projectiles using magnetism. He further weaponized it to be able to send Ion beams. It can also be utterly devestating to electronic devices when used.

Holographic projector: On his left arm is a hard/soft hologram projector. This allows him the ability to generate a shield for protection of him, and possibly someone else, by rerouting or blocking somethings energy. Of course this makes energy attacks easier to stop, however the thinner and more force (but less speed) something had the less likely it will stop it. It is more vulnerable to a good hammer weilder than bullets. It can also project other things, including information, images, or even just other objects.

Helmet: Connected to the internet and his gear, it is designed for an especially intuitive battle or use. Although each item could be used individually and still intuitively using nerve sensors. The helmet however has a more effecient way as it senses his brain activity allowing him to control it easily. It is nigh unhackable and even technopaths would have a hard time, although it is certainly possible. Grants various sensors and an information and calculation screen.

Tazer: Pretty simple. Designed to fire bolts of electricity to stun a person. So maybe not a traditional tazer, but a gun designed to knock someone unconscious with electricity nonetheless. Settings can be changed for various results.

Artificial Nth knife.

Artifficial Nth metal armor: Coming from his belt, shoes, and cuffs around his forearms, it is designed as two sets of reverse directed plates over each other. Making slipping a knife past the plates a nearly much impossible one. Of course with the advantages of many Nth properties Mr Winters gets to be especially protected from electrical or energy based attacks even if his hologram projector failed. The Nth Suit also can store the energy in a battery to be used for his devices and weapons.

When armor, boots, gloves, and helmet are all on, the suit can fully connect allowing it to survive atmospheric conditions with the wearer fully safe. Also when fully connected it helps even further prevent things such as telekinesis or telepathy.


Most of his devices need to be recharged, so he has to make sure to do that.

An emp can screw up his holoprojector if its not either off or has a shield up directed at the emp.

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