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Hunter Reeves bio (under changw)

Name: Hunter Reeves

Nicknamed jetwing.

Job: Pilot and guard for Winters Inc.

Height: 6'

Build: Muscular.

Eyes: Green (wears special lenses.)

Hair: Brown.

Age: 30

Extremely athletic and peak human.

Inredible combatant, armed or unarmed.

Highly intelligent.

Knows various languages.

Knows various martial arts as well as expert with firearms and explosives.

Enhanced vision: He uses lenses imbedded into his eyes to see much farther than humans. Even many telescopes can't match his. This includes nightvision, heat vision, x-ray, microscopic, and being able to see magic. He is also able change his eye color.

Jetwing: A winged jetpack with various tools and weapons. It's made of a sort of unkown non mettallic material. It uses both gravity manipulators and special engines to move. Can reach mach five (if in full suit, otherwise should kill him.) Wings fold up. Can be utterly silent if using gravity manipulators.

Suit: Unlike many of the others on the mission for Mars Hunter posseses his won specialized suit. It folds over him when called upon out of jetwing. It can cover his entire body and, like the other suits, has enough oxygen for 38 hours. It also has many of the other functions of the space suits and with a few special ones of its own.

Hunter has worked for S.S. (Star Sciences) as a guard and pilot for 15 years according to his record. And is one of the greatest pilots ever. He can control almost any vehicle once he puts his mind to it and uses it like an extension of himself.

A Divus crystal turned Reeves into a Ngod


Hyper rejuvination and regeneration. Hunter has a very fast regeneration process that also can reheal even the most out of place bones or tissue in mere seconds. The rejuvenation seems impossibly unlimited allowing him a vastness of energy and life he never had before, making eating, sleeping, and air pretty much a waste of time.

Hyper body: Thanks to the energy and rejuvination this has also effected his strength. He is now incredibly faster and strong enough to dent titanium with a single quick punch. He is now also especially agile and his senses are somewhat enhanced.

Energy/life sensing: He has a limited sense of all energy and life, if focused he can even feel it lightyears away or other dimensions. However this would require much focus.

Mind enhancement: The new found energy also has made his mind incredibly faster and more powerful making decisions faster and causing telepaths a great deal of trouble keeping up.

Immunity: His new speed and healing kills most any disease or illness that he could have gotten, poisens can even vanish in moments. Unfortunately this does make things like painkillers inneffective.

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