"Make an offer for 1,000,000 dollars. Then wait."

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CVbU Octavian Winters bio

the years took their toll on Octavian, now in his late 60's. However he somehow still managed to do things a 20 year old couldn't, though for a shorter time.

He remained the strong and healthy intelligent man, but little of that physical peakness showed as often as before. Now he had to be careful. He did keep something on him at all times, a vile. Filled with a special concoction of his own to help heal him. While outwardly he still looked older when he took it he seemed to gain strength and energy, not to mention he wouldn't have the troubles a normal 70 year old would have.

His intelligence hadn't deteriorated for certain. Instead it remained perfect. And gained in fact. He began thinking more and more strategically, making the Militum even greater.

He tried to keep allies, it seemed, through sheer will. But eventually somewhat withdrew into himself. A hermit of sorts. A very rich and powerful hermit.

Speaking of rich, his fortune had only grown since then. Becoming one of the richest billionares on the planet.

Occasionally he would warn people of impending doom.

He would often simply sit. Looking out a window at New York. Like some sort of mastermind playing a chess game with human lives.

There was still, sometimes, sightings of the man. Mostly by notable people, those who were very influential. But sometimes he would be seen in a dark alley. His very presence scaring the heck out of people as they walked by.

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