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Artificial Nth generation, attempt 1

Name: Octavian Winters

Date: December 30, 2015.

Time: 1:00 AM

Subject: Nth metal generation

I have studied the effects Nth metal seems to have, magic negation, very good for conducting electricity, appears to be able to deflect energy as well, can be very sharp, is highly durable. If I were capable of generating an artifficial form of this Nth metal I may be capable of making good use of it. It's durability and other features would be most useful.

I have gone into the attempt of recreating the material's anti magic properties. This has proven highly difficult as I'm not magically inclined, nor do I have acess to magic. Theory for fixing this is to study magic itself and find a way to disrupt it, and then apply that to material.

Choosing a way to generate this has also proven difficult. I believe manipulating and altering a highly conductive material may be the best chance at imitating its energy properties. If perhaps I could obtain a small amount of adamantium I could artifficially copy and attempt to combine it permenently with an magic disruption property.

If I can recreate a carbonadium synthesizer I may be able to alter the carbonadium to change its radiation to another sort of energy property such as energy absorption/redirection, or perhaps even magical disruption. Remember carbonaiums highly radioactive nature, do not continue if this cannot be fixed.

Overall discovery: Feasible to do, but difficult and time consuming. Consider alternatives such as copying vibranium or adamantium if carbonadium proves faulty.

ooc: I wanted to explain how he got artificial Nth. So I have a few blogs to do in the past, until he finalky reaches his goal.