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It's gonna be a long long time... 3

The Rocketeer. Hear we go much like other movies I've reviewed this one was considered a flop. So naturally I consider it a lost unappreciated gem. The film (which diverges slightly from the source material) follows Cliff Secord a young pilot who simply loves to fly, a love that comes into conflict with his other love, Jenny, but Jenny loves acting which conflicts with Cliff so it kind of evens out. The story really picks up when the Mob steal a "package" from Howard Hughes and are being chased ...

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The Shadow Knows... 9

Alright those that know me should have known this was coming so lets get this train wreck of a review over with.  Basic Summery: The Shadow staring Alec Baldwin now first thing to keep in mind is that The Shadow has Two main canons, the pulp magazines and the radio dramas this film draws a little from both. It starts with Lamont Cranston(Alec Baldwin) after the war living in China as a drug lord named 'Ying-Ko' a bloodthirsty tyrant. until he is forcibly recruited by the Tulku a holy man with my...

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