The Psycho Circus

The Dark Carnival Is In Town
You Better Be Ready
Just Follow The Parade
Of Dancing Skeletons
Full Of Ghoulish Delights
Around Every Corner
Don't Tell Your Parents You're Here
They Will Soon Be Mourners

Welcome To The Lower Birth
The Greatest Show Unearthed
We Appear Without A Sound
The Darkest Show Around
We Will Leave You In A Daze
Madness, Murder, Dismay
We Will Disappear At Night
With Blood On The Concrete

I Will Be Your Ticket Taker
Come Inside It's A Dream
Enter The Fun House Of Mirrors
No One Can Hear You Scream
We Can Supply Anything
That Your Heart Desires
But The Consequences
Will Surely Be Dire

Come Inside
For The Ride
Your Deepest Darkest Fears

The Best Night
Of Your Life
You're Never Leaving Here

The Unknown
The Unseen
Is What You're Gonna Find

Witness This
Witness That
Until You Lose Your Mind    

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