There is a Mickey Mouse in the force,

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Most powerful Star Wars characters

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  • Strongest connection to the force, the chosen one.

  • Completely consumed by the dark side, truly evil, and powered by the full potential of evil.

  • Father of the chosen one, could have been the chosen one, killed countless amounts of Jedi and has a strong connection with both the light and dark sides of the force

  • Highly dependent in the force, very strong in the force, trained hundreds of powerful Jedi, lived for hundreds of years and main prophet for the light side of the force.

  • Very powerful Jedi, good connection with the force, powerful in his prime and very smart.

  • Fuel almost completely by hate, strong connection to the dark side very powerful attacks and unique fighting style due to different type of saber

  • Highly respected and powerful Jedi, second highest council member, beat Palptine, strong connection to the force and very calm.

  • Walking death trap, killed countless amounts of Jedi, high amount of strength and stamina, General of the droid armies, most dangerous non force wielding character and can wield 4 light sabers at once.

  • High level yet not high ranked Jedi master, trained Dooku and Obi wan very strong in the force wise and high skilled saber wielder.

  • Palpatines most trusted apprentice, very high level light saber wielder, trained in many different styles of attack and connection to the force.