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Most powerful Naruto characters

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  • The inventor of Jutsu and the creator of the tailed beasts little is known about the sage but what we do know makes him the most powerful character who ever liver due to his creation and destruction technique.

  • The resurrector of the ten tails Tobi (Spoiler)

    Survived a bolder falling on him when he was 12 years old, no Jutsu.

    This guy took control over the Nine Tails once and could fight the 4th Hokage, he has only had 3 solid attacks land on him and and can phase through solid objects.

  • Edo mode.

    Madara Uchiha was already a powerhouse with EMS but when he got resurrected he received rinnegan which just amped his powers to another level he took control of the nine tails with just a stare and his normal power puts him next to the the first but with his new power he is in a whole new league.

  • "The yellow flash", is the ninja known for his space-time ninjutsu and inventing the rasengan chakra sphere he is the fastest moving ninja in the naruto world and he was able to seal the nine tails.

    The 4th Hokage is the strongest Hokage so far due to his space time technique he could speed blitz all other Hokage plus he has a part of nine tails sealed in him.

  • The First Hokage and defender of Konoha against the nine tails and Madara, a master of the Kekkei Genkai wood style technique he was able to seal the nine tails and defeat Madara at the same time, while blokine a beast bomb attack.

  • Naruto has the most powerful tailed beast sealed inside him plus he has mastered his fathers technique rasengan and has changed the Jutsu in many ways he has even by using the same type of Jutsu developed a mini beast bomb rasengan.

  • EMS. Sasuke has fully developed his Sasinoo and a very precise amaterasu plus still has the power from the curse mark and chidori he also has a strong visual Jutsu using his sharingan for his genjutsu he also has strong and fast tiajutsu and a good fire style move set.

  • Itachi has the Strongest Genjutsu known to ninja, tsukuyomi it is a very powerful visual Jutsu powered by his mangeky┼Ź sharingan his is a very good at battle analyzing and has a strong Sasinoo and powerful Amaterasu.

  • Is the second person in history to unlock the Ringengan the visual Jutsu which let's you master all chakra types and gives you other abilities to such as absorbing Jutsu and chakra, repelling Jutsu and people as well as summoning different powerful creatures.

    BTW I ment Nagato but it doesn't have a proper file for him.

  • Orochimaru is a forbidden technique user and mainly relays on summoning snakes from inside of him to fight his opponents he is also the second person to active the reanimation Jutsu.

    Was one of the great Sannin and he killed the 3rd Hokage.

    If he is in a fix he can just shed his skin and yours a body that he has prepared earlier.