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Favorite Marvel Characters

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  • He controls most of reality, he has concerned multiple universe' and his world shakes when he is angry, better than hulk eh?

  • The Batman of Marvel except less shady Victor Doom is a genius, to put it in normal terms he is on of the smartest men on the planet he has data on almost everyone he lives in a fort and runs an entire country.

  • Loki is the Norse God of Mischief and he lives up to that name he is a manipulative schemer and powerful illusionist he has stolen the thrown of Asgard twice and has lead countless attacks on it.

  • Nightmare is an evil sorcerer who focus' mainly on manipulating the mind he is known to exploit your fears and fire powerful energy beams.

  • Carnage is an awesome character with only on main weakness.

    He can change his arms and legs in to different dangerous weapons he has caused Spider-Man a lot of problems and is a highly dangerous character.

  • "The merk with the mouth"is an immortal, enhanced mercenary with a bad attitude he is a super strong murderer with a large range of weapons such as double katana duel pistols grenades and others.

  • "The spirit of Vengeance" is an unkillable, fire breathing, flame headed chain wielding demon hellbent on making you pay for your sins.

  • Magneto is the mutant with the power to control an objects magnetism he is the leader of the brotherhood of mutants and the father of 2 very powerful mutants Pietro who grew up to be Quicksilver and Wander Who became Scarlet Witch.

  • T'Challa is a highly trained South African hero he is the leader of the small country of Wakanda he is skill in combat and has sharp claws that eject from his gloves when he needs them but Panthers main skill is his control Vibranium which he can change into energy daggers that can cut through steel and also an energy staff which he uses with ease.

  • Daredevil is one of only 2 Marvel heroes with a disability Daredevil is blind but his disability mad him into the hero he is today he has super heightened scenes and has developed a radar-like vision to help him move about the can par with spider mans spider scenes spiddy said it himself.

    DD is at peak human condition and can I nance himself more if he concentrates hard enough.