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CVnU - Shinji Tsukazaki
CVnU - Shinji Tsukazaki


Name: Shinji Tsukazaki

Age: [Classified]

Alias: Grim Reaper, Harbinger of Death

Date of Birth: [Classified]

Nationality: Japan

Height: 6'7"

Weight: 219

Hair Color: Black, lightens Brown during Spring and Summer

Eye Color: Ultramarine/Lapis Lazuli

Occupation: Marketing Consultant, Art Curator of Asia Society - New York, Art Dealer, Diplomat, Socialite

Education: B.B.A [Business Administration]

Alignment: Shinto/Zen Buddhism, Hiyasha-ryu Sect, Sigma Xi Mu

Origin: [Classified]


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Electromagnetic Manipulation [Genetic Mutation]Electrokinesis: Displayed as an offensive maneuver, Shinji has the ability to manipulate focused streams of electricity at any target that catches his eye. [2] The speed of the strikes vary, they can be unleashed at the speed of light or slowly seethe with a powerful charge. On impact the affect of the blast varies. The strike can have enough force to give the opponent knockback, burn flesh, burst blood vessels or seize control of their nervous system for a transient amount of time.

Bioelectromagnetism: The ability warrants electrical communication on a biological level. The Tsukazaki Prince has the capability to manipulate his biological system [ i.e. Respiratory, Nervous, Endocrine, Cardiovascular, Muscular...] He is constantly experimenting and learning new techniques the ability warrants.

Electromagnetic Spectrum Vision: Toggling the acuity of his eyes grants Shinji the ability to see the world through all electro-frequencies. He is capable of exploring and articulating all eight classes of electromagnetic radiation [ i.e. Ultraviolet , X-Ray, Thermal ]. He has adjusted his ocular sensitivity to the scale of a nanometer. [1]

Hypersonic Speed: Under scientific observation Shinji is capable of sprinting at a recorded hypersonic speed [5,890 mph]. Shadowboxing his speed came in at a tallied subsonic speed of 607 mph.

Neurokinesis: Coupled with his Electromagnetic Spectrum Vision the Cosmic Scion can surgically manipulate the functions of another person's nervous system. He has used it to manipulate a persons mood activating chemicals in the brain [ i.e Dopamine, Seratonin...] He has dabbled in the ability to perform psychotherapy and alleviate the pain of animals, family and friends.

*Dietary Drawback: Responsibly using his bioelectric ability requires a conscious effort of his caloric intake, hydration and nutrient levels. Exerting his superspeed to a subsonic level for over an hour would tax into his innate health and increase the risk and difficulty of harnessing another technique. [i.e. Electrokinesis, Spectrum Vision, Pheromones, Stasis] Neglecting this can cause mortal side effects.

Kamikage Alchemy [Magic]: Studying the spiritual affects of herbs, Shinji learned the process of creating and utilizing unique psychoactive drugs passed down through pedigree for eons.

Kamikage Alchemy
Kamikage Alchemy

Buru Yume [Blue Dream]: Recreationally used to dampen the intensity of the electromagnetic energy circulating throughout his body in response to the time of year, his geographic location or simply a high amount of stress affecting his power.

Jupita Toba [Jupiter Jump]: A psychoactive drug created by the Sisterhood of Lillies Abbess, Momoko Hisamatsu that places the user in a dissociative state. Without conditioning the drug renders the user a bumbling idiot, but when properly conditioned they can take on an entirely different personality and state of mind.

Onmyodo [Divination]: His connection to the universe's electromagnetic spectrum heightens the prophetic ability. Through Shinto rites, Shinji has the ability to forecast events and locate objects with crystal clarity. Personally he has shied away from the practice of seeing into the future.

Necromancy:A new ability granted to him by the deity Animus. He has resurrected en masse, creating a macabre team of undead mutants [Josho Zaibatsu] to assist him obediently.


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Hiyasha-ryu [Rank: Kagebushi-dan]: Hiyasha-ryu is an esoteric martial art founded off synthesis, speed, discrimination and flexibility during the Heian period that blossomed during the mysterious and feudal Sengoku Jidai. Shinji fights with a lighthearted zest either disarming or irritating his opponents.

Kimusaru [Combat]: Shinji's physical strength is apparent through his strikes. He has a reputation of guard breaking his opponents and deteriorating their stances, sending them flying across the room. The nucleus of his attacks are derived from his control over electromagnetism. On contact Shinji chips off the mass of his opponents. He's trained his mind to drop his opponents mass at the exact rate of 5.3% per strike. Executing swift combos stacks the potency of this technique. This jars them, gradually slowing down their movement as if they were being submerged into the abysmal depths of the ocean. The affects of the attack are ephemeral, fading over a short amount of time [ vacillating between 2-9 seconds on average ] [4]

Fukashi [Stealth & Infiltration]: Coupled with mere shadow walking Shinji practices stealth through disguise and illusion. He's masterfully infiltrated, retrieved intel and dissolved from organizations and groups of people without leaving a trace of his true identity. Akin to the Tsukazaki's mystical methods he's also performed the law bending void walking technique, walking across water and air.

Suiryuu [Swordsmanship]: A spectator watching Shinji in combat would claim it to be choreographed, but in his sword technique this observed theatrical banter is everclear. His high energy and action-film acrobatics appear excessive and unorthodox, sabotaging the traditional game of footwork canon in swordsmanship, performing mid-air feints and flips with an unnatural, devilish ease.


Goriate: A Hiyasha-ryu sect blade forged by Yoshihito Watanabe with an emerald tint infused with steel and the *Tsu crystal element. The blade is an unorthodox 76 centimeters in length and is synchronized to the kagebushi, Shinji Tsukazaki. Functioning as co-dependent weapon of neurotechnology, the blade responds to Shinji encoding, retrieving and storing: memories, ideas, locations. His Ryujin irezumi was grafted in blood on his blade to siphon the pagan Ryujin energy within him. Shinji named the blade Goriate [translated Goliath] paying homage to one of his favorite Western stories and pieces of art: David and Goliath and Caravaggio's 'David with the Head of Goliath.'


Akaitume: The red oni mask seems to have magical qualities attached to it. Shinji wore the mask to perform a disenchantment spell. [2]

Yamamoto Flak Jacket
Yamamoto Flak Jacket

Yamamoto Flak Jacket: A rare collaboration between the Japanese designer, Yohji Yamamoto and mechatronics genius, Yoshihto Watanabe. Seemingly a stylish jacket, this piece of body armor was tested formidable at the exact temperature of 1,978 degrees Fahrenheit. Bullets are easily deflected with a ricochet and it absorbs the force of 7 tons. [3]En-Yo: A mystical kyudo bow granted to Shinji as the clan's 'Y Age Scion.' It has a spiritual tether to nature and guides Shinji when he is tracking. Initially it is used for hunting, but Shinji uses it to track a melange of things from herbs and plants to specific people. It tends to attract animals to the wielder. Using the En-Yo bow at a young age Shinji met his Iriomote Cat, Kazu. The bow is psionically summoned and felt as pure energy, emanating a green glow. The arrows have magical and physical qualities capable of piecing a person while simultaneously leaving a universal curse.


Rozuko Otsu Estate
Rozuko Otsu Estate

Rozuko-Otsu Estate - Calabasas, California [Private]

Upper East Side Penthouse - New York City Tsukazaki Art Gallery, New York City [Private]

Xalteloco Penthouse - Mexico City, Mexico [Private]


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