Almost there..

Well I have to say, its almost one whole year since i started collecting in May of 2012. I'm feel great and never happier that i got into collecting comic books. At first I was completely lost, it was like jumping from universe to universe when it came to each title and its publisher (Marvel, DC, Image, Valiant, IDW and Dark Horse) and the comic book store was the warp gate lol. Don't get me wrong, May of last year wasn't the absolute first time picking up a book. When I was younger about 10-11, I would randomly pick up books at convenient stores in the 90s any time i could which only got me about 12 to maybe 20 books. i had those twenty books for about 11-12 years rotting in a file. I was not inspired to collect given the fact that one it was impossible to get the transportation I need to go to a place were they sold comics and two by the time I had my own transportation I completely forgot that I even had comics. I tried time and time again to get my parents to let me have a couple subscriptions of marvel stuff mailed to my address, they never went through with it. In the year 2011, I moved back from Hawaii to California landing a job in late November. While my fiance and I went to my parents house to gather some of my things in my old room, I saw the dusty old file cabinet that held those 20 comic books that I had. The times of the disappointment of this collection going nowhere for years shot through my mind. That was the day I was to committed to find a store and call it home. Now reflecting back (2 white short boxes through), I feel great that I've indulged myself in this culture of collecting comic books. There's so many titles to get into, so many people to talk to and so many people to debate with in some cases. heh, its great. I dont know a whole bunch but I'm learning as I go and am happy and proud of collecting what I collect.